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Web Authoring
FreeWish 1.4 (40.5 MB) turns your PC into a social networking website where you can publish your photos, music, videos, bookmarks, web pages, or documents automatically and share them online. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista.

SERPs Finder (38 KB) is a simple, powerful SEO utility that finds where your pages rank for any given query in Google, Live Search, and Yahoo!. Searches and analyzes the first 1000 search engine results and is incredibly fast. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista.
Powerbullet Presenter 1.35 (2.7 MB) is a small program for creating presentations in Flash™. Create slick animated multi-page brochures and catalogues, splash screens and slideshows simply by typing, clicking and dragging. Presentations can be exported as an HTML page with an embedded SWF (Flash) file or as an executeable file which can be run on any Windows PC. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP. Requires IE 5.5+.
I.E. Developer Toolbar 1.00 (624 KB) provides a number of features for exploring and understanding Web pages. Locate and select specific elements on a Web page, outline tables, table cells, images, or selected tags, validate HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS web feed links, display image dimensions, file sizes, path information, and alt text, resize the browser window to a new resolution, etc. The toolbar can be pinned to the IE browser window or float separately. Freeware for Windows 2003/ XP/ Vista.
Planet Sitemap Creator Pro (1.2 MB) enables the creation of sitemaps in xml, html and text formats. Features auto updating, simultaneous sitemap creation, auto submit to Google, pause/ resume, keyword support in html sitemaps, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ 2003. Requires .Net Framework 2.0.
EclipseStyle 1.0.11 (48 KB) is a CSS editor with an intuitive tabbed interface, featuring a preview window, a code window to show you what your style looks like in CSS code, extraction function for pulling stylesheets from web pages, etc. Freeware for Windows 95 and above. Also, requires IE 5.0+
MoreMotion Web Express 3 (10.8 MB) is an html editor that features WYSIWYG design, powerful design tools, page templates, theme support, an image-map editor, a broken-links checker, a FTP client, etc. Freeware for Windows 98 SE/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
HTML Stripper (275 KB) is a simple utility that removes all java-script and html tags from a web page. Can also remove leading spaces, tabs and blank lines. Freeware. Should work with all Windows versions.
DRKSpider 2.19 (829 KB) will navigate a web site from a given URL, checking internal (and external) links, style sheets, images and other files. Broken links will be reported and the site map displayed in a tree control. Freeware. Should work with all Windows versions.
Advanced RSS2Web 2.3.28 (2.9 MB) allows you to publish aggregated news pages or articles on your website. Download newsfeeds in RSS and XML format; reformat them according to user-defined html templates; and upload the results to your website via shared folder or ftp. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
BlockNote 1.8 (1.7 MB) is a compact, fast WYSIWYG html editor. As easy to use as a word processor. Import, edit and format web pages without having to learn any html. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
VisualForm Mail (962 KB) allows you to create powerful CGI scripts to process forms on your Web site. Data entered by a user can be merged into both email messages and a confirmation page. Built-in security features prevent hijacking. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
DHTML Menu Builder (916 KB) allows you to create cool interactive sliding menus easily! Create professional looking menus for your Web site, without writing a single line of code. Freeware for Windows 98/ XP/ 2000.
Frutty Bar (629 KB) is an I.E. toolbar that offers a variety of tools for web developers that can help analyze the structure and layout of a web page. It can outline page elements, turn off style sheets, view form field values, measure area dimensions, resize the browser to other resolutions, validate code, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Strong JS (380 KB)is a java-script shrinker/obfuscator. Reduce typical java-script files by an average of 50%. Strong JS deletes unnecessary comments, new line characters and spaces. It can also rename variables giving them short names. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
Aeneas HTML Validator (294 KB) is a (X)HTML validator that validates HTML files according to standards and generates reports. Easy to use program that can process files in batch mode. Freeware for Windows 98/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP.
WebTide (1.41 MB) is a new html editor and programmer text editor. Has numerous features including code navigation tool, error checking, code completion tool, search and replace tool, etc. Freeware for Windows 9x/ 2000/ XP, Mac & Unix. Requires Java Runtime 1.5.0.
HotHTML 2001 Pro (4.1 MB) is an html editor with a user friendly interface, helpful wizards, html code generators, tools and integrated previewing. Supports html, asp and perl languages. Freeware for Windows.
Top Dawg HTML Editor (941 KB) is a feature rich html editor that includes style sheet, frames and forms support. Also, has built in color picker, html file viewer and ftp client. Opens multiple files at once. Freeware for For Windows 98/ ME/ XP.
WordHTML CV (1.2 MB) is open source software that mass converts MS word documents into HTML files. It automates the conversion process and saves time editing and creating links. Produces quality websites using simple drag and drop. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2Kx/ XP.
CheckHosts (852 KB)is a network management tool that continuously monitors specific host availability. When network errors occur, the program can notify you by e-mail or sound alerts. Freeware for Windows XP/ NT 4.x/ 2000/ 2003.
JavaScript Collector (602 KB) is a database program that comes pre-loaded with 200 ready-to-use scripts in more than 20 categories. Configure up to 4 different browsers to preview output and then copy it into your HTML code. You can also add your own snippets to the database and search by keyword. Freeware for Windows 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
SiteLinkChecker (480 KB) is an easy-to-use link checker tool that checks websites for broken links. Easily locates broken links and links containing syntactic errors and reports the status of each link. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Total Validator Tool (19.3 MB) validates web page html coding, accessibility, spell checking, and link integrity. The freeware version is restricted to testing one page at a time. For Windows 2000/ 2003/ XP.
MT Template Wizard (3.8 MB) is a tool for creating professional looking templates. Eliminates the typing of code, allowing you to point and click your way to a fresh looking template. Features include save/print/import/export functions, html validate and easy-to-use pulldown menus & buttons. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
JS Menu Maker (3.2 MB) is a cross browser DHTML dropdown menu creator. No scripting knowledge necessary. Three levels of menus available as well as over 20 preset styles and a theme creator. Provides full control over menu placement, fonts, colors, borders, padding and margins. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
EchoSearch (103 KB) allows anyone to offer a search engine on their site. Crawl any site of any size with static or dynamic pages. Freeware. Requires PHP version 4.1 or greater and MySQL database server 3.23 or greater.
RSS Wizard (1.3 MB) is an HTML to RSS converter that can generate an RSS feed from almost any html web page without the need to edit the source code first. Generates feeds using version 2.0 of the RSS standard. With RSS Wizard, you can quickly convert RSS into HTML, edit, and publish to your web-site via FTP. Freeware for Windows 95 and higher.
SiteUp v1.1 (485 KB) monitors your web sites and warns you when any become unreachable with animated alarm or a warning message. SiteUP can even detect when a specific page is unavailable. Any number of sites that can be monitored, including secure sites. Checking frequency can be set from once a minute to once a day. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Sitemap Creator (781 KB) is a freeware sitemap creator that exports directory structure to an html file. Does not read websites online. For all Windows versions.
SiteMapBuilder.NET 1.3 (586 KB)allows you to create the Google SiteMaps XML needed within your root directory in order to provide information about your site to Google. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003. Also requires .NET Framework.
SmarterStats (8.2 MB) is a log analyzer with extensive statistical reporting. Includes visitor tracking, geographics and 135 other reports. Works through a Web browser so you can get your Web stats from anywhere. Can process logs locally or through FTP at regular intervals. Freeware version is fully functional for a single site. For Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Portello (4.7 MB) is a plug-in for Internet Explorer that puts a webpage into editable mode. A fast and easy way to update your web site. Freeware for Windows 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor (11.4 MB) is a drag and drop HTML Editor with Built-in FTP uploading. It has wizards for tables, frames, forms and fonts and comes with all HTML 4.0 and XHTML tags. Also includes wizards for images, links and a Quickstart for fast web page creation. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2Kx/ XP.
CoffeeCup SiteMapper (1.8 MB) is a simple site map creator. Web pages are listed and linked in order and the resulting page matches your existing colors, backgrounds, etc. Shareware. For Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Web Builder (230 KB) is a What- You- See- Is- What- You- Get program used to create web pages. It generates html tags while you point-and-click on desired functions. Drag and drop objects to the page and position them anywhere you want. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT4.x/ XP/ 2000.
RHA TagCheck (265 KB) tests your Html or Xml code to ensure that all the tags are properly nested and closed. If errors are found, they marked in red. Files can be checked singley or in batch mode. Freeware for Windows 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Text2Web Pro (737 KB) is a tool to convert text documents to html format. Features include command-line, batch or interactive mode operation, integrated clipboard support, font parameter selection, generation of true HTML lists and tables and more. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Cascade DTP (2.3 MB) is a web page composition tool that lets you visually design a CSS driven page layout, complete with font selections, colors, background and more. Arrange text areas and position graphics as you go. This app generates the style sheet code and can save it as an HTML page or let you copy the CSS code to be used with an HTML editor. Other features include design grids, scrollbar scheme editor, browser preview and more. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
JavaScript Vault (1.0 MB)is a fr'ee offline archive of over 700 assorted javascripts in 17 categories set up to run straight from your browser. Includes scripts for buttons, menus, graphics, text, redirection, cookies, messages, scrollers, forms and more. Set up in html pages so that you can easily try the scripts without any editing.
DHE Editor (2.0 MB) is a WYSIWYG editor for creating dynamic Web pages. Features include automatic conversion of images into Web format and the automatic generation of dynamic .html, .xml, .php, .asp, .cfm, .jsp cross-browser pages. Can't yet compete with FrontPage or Dreamweaver but powerful enough to create dynamic Web sites without any knowledge of HTML. Fr'eeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
TSW WebCoder (2.6 MB) is a feature packed HTML editor with integrated project management, built-in FTP client, libraries with HTML, CSS, JS, VBS and PHP tags, a file explorer, syntax coloring, and integrated browser preview. Provides support for PHP and style sheets, as well as spell checking and code validation. Additional features include HTML Tidy, image viewer, customizable toolbar button, meta tags editor, extended search and replace, server mappings and more. Fr'ee for personal use. Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
404alert (608 KB) is fr'ee software that informs website owners by pager or email when their website is down and back up again. It can be configured to notify several people simultaneously and multiple copies can be run to monitor different servers and sites. For Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Internet Studio Suite is comprised of some of Trellian's best long running, proven and award winning software. It includes a range of tools for web authoring, ecommerce, search and Internet. Shareware. NOTE: By purchasing the entire InternetStudio Suite as a set, you save over $150 on registration fees.
Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker (2.5 MB) is an excellent meta tag creator with support for 33 meta tags that ensure search engines properly index your website. Easy to use and requires no knowledge of meta tags. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Selida (4.3 MB) is a powerful HTML editor that offers multiple editing methods. The program offers split HTML preview and a WYSIWYG Editor. It employs many features found in professional editors such as tag/attribute/value completion, syntax high lighting and context sensitive HTML help. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
HTML-Kit Build (3.1 MB) is a full-featured editor designed to help HTML, XHTML, XML and script authors to edit, format, validate, preview and publish web pages. Newcomers to web page development can benefit from letting it point out errors and provide suggestions on how to create standards compliant pages. Experts can save time spent on common tasks using the highly customizable and extensible editor while maintaining full control over multiple file types. View Download and Homepage Links in IE. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
PictureClip (3.3 MB) divides an image into parts and prints out the HTML to put it back together in a web page. Reads .jpg and .gif files. Useful for hot-spot Web page navigation, or progressive image loading of a large image. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Arachnophilia is a powerful, easy-to-use HTML editor, featuring user-defined toolbars, built-in tutorials & FTP client, keyboard macros, spell checker and much more. Designated Careware by the author.
Note Tab Light is the ultimate free Notepad replacement and a handy HTML editor. Handle a heap of files with a simple tabbed interface. Search files, strip HTML tags and format text quickly. This, in our opinion, is the hands-down best text editor.
Text2HTML is a handy freeware program that quickly and easily converts text files into HTML files. The program handles http, ftp, gopher, telnet, wais, nntp and mailto tags and can convert multiple files at once.
1st Page 2000 (4.9MB) for Win95/98 is a FREE HTML/script Editor for pro and novice Webmasters. This powerful app comes with an impressive interface and a mix of the best features from several other top-rated HTML editors. Features worth mentioning include HTML stripper, document compressor, source formatter, many JavaScript features, LiveSpell (spell checks as you type), TidyHTML, XML converter, FTP client, Flash/Shockwave support, DHTML layers, WebTV tags/color-coding andcustom code snipplets. Also includes 450 JavaScripts, 15 DHTML scripts, 17 Perl scripts, 6 HTML scripts, a 100+ page step-by-step Web design guide and references for the latest HTML 4.0/SSI/CSS.
HTMLZip (261 kb) is a utility that creates compressed and protected html pages. True compression algorithm provides a size reduction of 20%-70% of the original file size. HTMLZip is compatible with MS Internet Explorer 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, Netscape Navigator 4.x, 6.0, Mozilla/M15-M17, and Opera 4.0 beta 2. Shareware.
Web Link Validator (770 kb) can check links for accuracy and availability, find broken links or paths and links containing syntactic errors. Using this tool you can also retrieve links from a site and browse them, verify paths to stylesheets, image files etc. Reports can be saved in plain text, RTF and MS Excel formats. The program can work with several threads at once. For Win 95/98/NT/2000. 30 day Trial version. Shareware.
WebSpeed (631 KB) can analyse your web page(s) and tell you how long it will take to download with various modems. Options include a progress bar that can simulate the time the download will take and a variable percentage setting to allow for net congestion. WebSpeed also takes into account browser caching to provide a more accurate picture of download times experienced by users browsing your site. Freeware.
LinkProver (952 KB) can scan web documents on your hard disk and produce a report detailing the links and images in the document(s) and marking any that point to non-existent sources. LinkProver can also check External links (http:// and ftp://) on-line. Results of checks can be seen as they take place and saved in a text or HTML final report. Freeware. For Win9x/Me.
TagCheck (888 KB) looks at the code in your HTML page and checks it for common errors such as mis-spelling of tag names, incorrect usage of tag attributes, missing closing tags, missing angle brackets, missing quotation marks and more. Freeware.
WebPlus Freeware Version (9.2 MB) is a free HTML editor that comes loaded with features, including professionally designed templates, Web wizards for instant Web sites, animated GIF wizards, animated marquee wizard, a logo/graphic module, spell checking, a thesaurus and much more.
PopUp Maker (222 kb) is a Javascript code generator that takes the drudgery out of reliably making popup window code. Even veteran coders will appreciate this well-done utility. Also opens and tests the window, live, so you can see the results as you work. Cross-browser compatible. Requires IE5.0 or later and Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000. Registered version only $19.
HTML Guard (972 kb) offers easy-to-use Internet copyright protection for anyone who wants to protect his Web site's intellectual property from pilfering and unauthorized copying. Be it HTML source code, text or graphics, HTML Guard helps prevent people from saving your Web site's content wholesale or in part. It is capable of encrypting your HTML source code, preventing text selection, disabling right mouse saving, and the print function within a browser. For Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Reg. version $15.
IMS Web Spinner (3.2MB) is a WYSIWYG HTML authoring app for the quick creation of professional web pages. Easily create complicated Web pages without learning the intricacies of DHTML, Javascript, and other languages. Available for a 14 day unrestricted free trial. Win 95/98/NT. Reg. version $29.95.
CodeLifter (260 kb) is a source code viewer that lets you see all of the code on any http:// html page, including pages protected by no-right-click scripts, trapped in windows without file menus or url boxes, and 'referrer' pages that cannot be seen in your browser. You can also access .css (cascading style sheet) scripts, external .js files (JavaScript files), and any other text file at an http:// address. For Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Demo. is free. Reg. version $25.
ScrollBar Styler (285 kb) is a software tool that generates scrollbar CSS "style" code for colored, flat-style, and custom scrollbars. It also creates JavaScript code for multi-color blinking scrollbars. Super for styling your page and building eye-grabber scrollbar effects. For Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000. Requires I.E. 5.5 (or later) and a 800x600 or greater screen resolution. Registered version $20.
CSE HTML Validator Lite (2.9MB) is a free HTML syntax checker for casual HTML authors who only need to do cursory and superficial HTML checks. It's fast and supports HTML 2.0 to HTML 4.0, with Netscape and I.E. extensions. Drag and drop capability allows fast processing of multiple files. Includes an integrated HTML/text editor with spell checker.
Huey (440 KB) is a freeware HTML color generator for programmer-designers that converts RGB values to Hex and from Hex back to RGB. Other features include: color pipette for selecting colors directly from other Windows applications, automatic insertion of generated HTML code directly into existing web pages, right-click menu support for FrontPage colors, selection of foreground, background and link colors, and support for 216 color Netscape "safe" palette.
EyeOnSite (600 kb) is a tool that keeps an eye on your sites or servers (http, ftp, smtp, pop3) to see if they are accessible on the net. You can choose to be alerted with a visual message or an audible alarm. In addition, you can launch an application which can be used to correct the situation or send a message to someone. The freeware version allows you to monitor two sites or services. No restrictions on the full version which is shareware. For Win 95/98/NT/2000.
HTML Shrinker Pro Lite (1.1 MB) is a tool for reducing the size of various web, wap and script files. Your web site will load faster, need less web space and less bandwidth. Freeware for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000.
T2T (439 kb) converts delimited files to HTML tables. Separators are: (;) (,) (TAB) and (|). Also handles CSV files produced by spreadsheet or database. Handmade compliant files may be processed as well. With a few clicks you can produce a nice HTML table. Freeware.
KyoSoft Link Checker
(1.7 MB) is a utility for checking internal and external web site links. Has customisable settings and creates reports of link data that can be saved in HTML format that can be viewed in any Internet browser. May be used free of charge for 30 days. Shareware. For Win 95/98/NT/2000.
Web Weaver Gold (6.3 MB). Create stunning Web pages with this feature-rich HTML editor! Features include colored HTML code for easier editing; imagemap, frame, table and form wizards; HTML Validator; Link validator; handy toolbars; an HTML glossary; spell checking; a Web page statistics analysis tool, and more! And, the price is right at $24.95. For Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000.
Advanced Find and Replace (639 KB) is a great time-saver for programmers and webmasters. AFR performs text searches on your local computer as if you were using an Internet search engine. Apply file specs, date, and size filters to speed up searches. Replace simple or multi-line strings, or apply multiple changes to large groups of files in a single operation. For Win 9x/NT/ 2000/Me. Shareware $29. 21 day trial.
AAScripter (2.6 MB) is a program that contains more than 200 useful Javascript and DHTML scripts for webmasters. Use this free program to search for just the right script and then copy and paste the code, view a demo page, or read detailed info about each script. Includes instructions, sample pages a simplified web browser, a Web Elements section containing 45 cool icons for your site, and the option to add your own scripts. For Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ Me.
Hunter HTML Optimizer (2.6 MB) is an easy-to-use html compression utility which can speed up your website performance but still retain your source's readability. A good companion for anyone using FrontPage. Freeware Windows 98/ 2000/ XP.
HTML Enforcer (247 KB) is a batch tool that can help you quickly modify all web pages on a site with a single click. It can replace Title and Meta tags on a site and you can choose the file type that you want to edit (*.htm *.html *.js *.php). It can also remove unnecessary tags or insert a tag in a desired position. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/XP.
AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite (1.6 MB) is a website stats app that provides the usual log analyzer reports on site traffic, referrers, browsers, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ NT.
FatFreeCart is a free, copy and paste shopping cart that works inside a website, blog or MySpace page. Does not require registration or installation. Works with PayPal and Google Checkout and supports product variations, shipping, handling and tax.

Website Builder 1.6 (3.0 MB) is a web-based WYSIWYG editor that can be added to an existing website or run on its own. Enables non-technical users to add pages, upload images and create customized pages. Freeware. Requires a web server or web hosting account running Linux, Unix or Windows, PHP 4.2 with GD, or better and MySQL 3.23.23 or better.
Any FLV Player 1.1.2 (2.3 MB) is a standalone application to play FLV (Flash for Video) files. No Flash authoring or development tools required. Post video files to your website or blog with a few clicks. Easily add add FLV meta data with the meta information injection feature. Freeware for all Windows versions.
Blaze Composer 3.0 (1.4 MB) is a powerful web designing program, with a WYSIWYG interface. Features include auto-complete, restore points, templates, crash recovery, Meta-Gen, FTP Client, Box maker, Navigation menu bar creator, Style Sheet Creator, etc. etc. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2K3.
Beerwin's PlainHtml (14.4 MB) is a powerful html editor with php toolbuttons, javascrípt and html snippets as well as a complete HTML, PHP and CGI reference. Other features include quick color and tag insertion, configurable toolbars, built-in preview, built-in and external navbar generator, etc. Freeware for Windows NT4.0/2K/XP.
FeedSpring 0.93b (3.6 MB) is a RSS feed generator. Type information into the provided fields and FeedSpring generates a RSS file for you. Features include XML preview, a built-in browser preview and multiple channel management. Supports RSS v2.0 feeds. Freeware for all Windows versions.
DFM2HTML 1.7 (856 KB) is a WYSIWYG html editor. Web sites can be created in minutes using drag&drop and the nesting feature. Allows effects like shadow, anti-aliasing, rotation and rounded corners. Comes with a built-in FTP upload manager, numerous templates and a wide range of mouse-over buttons. Freeware for Windows.
HTML Cleaner (55 KB) removes superfluous white space, quotes, comments, and end tags from HTML documents, reducing size by 15-20%. Can also remove images, styles, scripts, and active content. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Phantom EZ Form 1.3 (9.2 MB) is a webform creator with an easy-to-use interface. Create your customized webform and the Phantom installs it automatically at your website. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
ChatStat Instant Messenger (6.8 MB) provides live chat visitor support for your website, using text or VoIP. Has a familiar IM interface and supports all major IM clients. Also, offers website, e-commerce, search engine, marketing, and operator analytics. Freeware for Windows 98/2000/ME/XP. Requires .Net Framework 2.0.
HTML Builder XP 5.6 (9.4 MB) is a powerful, easy-to-use html editor. Features include integrated IE and Netscape preview, syntax highlighting, full FTP functionality, tag drop down helper lists, automatic tag completion, spell checker, etc. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT 3.x+/ 2000/ XP.
Balthisar Cascade 2.0 (1.5 MB)is a CSS level 2 editor for creating cascading stylesheets for use with hypertext documents. Features include creation of classes, subclasses, etc. and the ability to export data as an HTML file or a CSS2 file. Freeware for Windows.
Gsitemap 0.97a (495 KB) is a versatile sitemap generator tool to help webmasters create, edit and submit sitemap information in adherence to the Google Sitemaps protocol. Freeware for Windows NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003. Requires
.NET Framework.
CheckWeb 1.23 (74 KB) is a small, powerful links analyzer that can scan online/ offline HTML pages and generate a report on link, error and page size information. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
Gentee (1.0 MB) is a easy-to-learn full-scale programming language. Full documentation, examples and a library set are available. The compiler and the virtual machine in a single DLL are 120 KB. A powerful tool for automation of different operations and tasks. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2Kx/ XP/ Linux.
NetJaxer (1.18 MB) allows you to integrate web 2.0 apps like Gmail, Digg, TadaList, Writely, Kiko, Meebo and other Ajax based web programs into Windows. Create desktop, tray, and quick launch icons. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000.
Publisherz Monitor (1.1 MB) monitors your website earnings from the top ad networks (Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Amazon Associates & FastClick) and provides stats and graphs in a stand alone windows application. Can be configured to alert you when your revenues have changed or reached a specific amount. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP. Requires MS .NET Framework V2.0
VMenu (420 KB) is a vertical navigation menu builder. You can add captions/subcaptions to the menu and group items to create complex but easy to use navigation menus. Created menus are based on CSS and easy to implement.
Koala Edit is a webpage editor (2.5 MB) that features WYSIWYG and code based editing, html syntax color-coding, and a 12-chapter html web page creation tutorial for beginners. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Paessler Site Inspector (12 MB) is a web browser that combines Internet Explorer and Firefox into one program. Advanced webpage analysis features make it easy for webmasters and developers to examine HTML and CSS source code, images, links, meta tags, http headers, WhoIs and DNS, etc. Other features include resize, zoom and clipboard tools, a pixel grid, element highlighting and a selection of online tools. Freeware for Windows 9x/ 2000/ XP.
Dynamic HTML Editor (2.1 MB) is a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to design web pages by simply dragging elements into place. Advanced CSS features like overlapping are also supported. Create html, asp, php, cfm, jsp, or xml pages and insert code elements as needed. Freeware for personal use and Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
RSS Publisher (1.0 M)is a tool for RSS publishers. With it, you can automate the process of uploading and archiving RSS feeds. Designed for those who use RSS feeds on their sites and need to renew them on a regular basis. Freeware for all Windows versions.
The M6.Net Traffic Wizard (315 KB) is a site management/ creation tool that allows you to generate highly customizable code that works on most major browsers. Bundled with 10 separate code generating functions like set homepage, bookmark us, break frames, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ XP/ 2000.
CgiTester (468 KB) is a tool for testing CGI scripts without an Internet connection. Allows html viewing, automatic scr'ipt execution, and perl output viewing for debugging, e-mail testing and database access testing. Freeware for Windows 98/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Blaze Editor (1.46 MB) is an amazing html editor with loads of great features like tag recognition, auto complete, temporary clipboard with simple drag-drop interface and manager, auto correct, smart select, auto delete, ability to create restore points, etc. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2K3.
Alien IP (4.7 MB) shows the country and city of your site visitors, e-mail writers, web hosters, and other IP owners on a world map. Can help analyze web log stats, prevent password leaking, reduce fraud, etc. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ NT/ XP/ 2003.
SmartLogAnalyzer is a web stats program for your web logs. It can parse the default access.log file written by an Apache Web-server, convert it to a XML document and analyze the output XML file. User-friendly interface and easy to use. Freeware for Windows NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2003.
RSS Writer (1.2 MB) allows for the manual creation of XML files which can then be uploaded to your website and made available to visitors as RSS feeds. Freeware for Windows & Mac.
MiniBB (158 KB) is a flat-type web forum, open source PHP bulletin board, written in PHP and using mySQL or other PHP-compatible database as a data backend. Includes common forum functions and features include CSS and HTML W3C compatible template, plugins, multilingual support, mod_rewrite, and SEO.
NVU (6.6 MB) is a complete web authoring system that allows visual (WYSIWYG) and code editing of web pages. No knowledge of html is required. Features include real-time preview, visual tag display, FTP uploading, site projects, spell checking, CSS editor and more. Freeware for Mac, Linux and Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
RSS Builder (2.1 MB) is an easy to use program to create RSS feeds for your web site. It provides a simple interface that lets you add topics, links and content, and then publish the RSS (v2.0) feed to your web server, using the built-in FTP client. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2k/ XP.
CSS Tab Designer (1.1 MB) is a easy to use app to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge. Choose from a variety of styles/colors. Generates strict xhtml compliant code. Freeware for Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
PageBreeze (5.4 MB) is a powerful HTML Editor with both visual and html tag modes. All the features you expect in a web editor and more. Freeware for Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP. Also requires I.E. 4.0+.
Simpletidy (736 KB) cleans html and microsoft code and converts webpages to wellformed XHTML 1.0 strict. Shows validation errors and warnings. Simple interface with drag and drop from Explorer. Freeware for Windows.
Enersoft SiteGenWiz (3.67 MB) is a Web site generator for anyone who wants to create a web site without the hassle of coding html. Generate sitemaps and image galleries automatically. Select from various frameworks, define a menu structure for your pages, and choose colors, fonts, bullets, and background images. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
ToolbarDesigner (747 KB) is a fr'ee application that allows anyone to create Explorer toolbars effortlessly without programming experience. Features include auto-updating, scripting, multi-level menus, built-in functions, safe toolbar removal, chevrons, embedded Web pages, and POST request. For Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000.
TrafMeter (1.7 MB) is a Windows-based tool providing realtime traffic accounting and monitoring of Internet traffic to and from a local PC or network. Read-outs can be presented in numerical or graphical formats. Includes a flexible filter engine and logging functionality. Measure data transfer speeds and bandwidth usage. All IP protocols are supported. Fr'eeware For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Crimson Editor (979 KB). Edit text-based files such as HTML, C/C++, Perl, Java, Matlab, LaTeX, ASP, PHP, JSP, EDIF, VHF and Verilog-HDL. Basic FTP functions are provided for uploading code. You can also create macros and use search-and-replace. Fr'eeware. For Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
JavaScript Utility Suite (959 KB) provides an easy way to generate customized java scripts for image slideshows, popup windows, dropdown menus and mouseover button effects. Makes the generation of complex code very easy. The user only has to fill in a few fields and the code is then generated quickly and can be saved or inserted in pages that already exist. No programming or HTML knowledge required! Fr'eeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Website Mentor (1.2 MB) is an advanced application that allows you to easily make a personal or business website within minutes. Just fill in some information fields and Website Mentor writes the HTML code and style sheets. No programming or HTML knowledge is needed. Fr'eeware for Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP.
StripFile (860 KB) strips the redundant information often contained in GIF, JPEG, PNG and HTML files, reducing their size by as much as 40 or 50%. Smaller files means faster downloading, a "stickier" site, and savings by reducing bandwidth requirements. Fr'eeware for Windows 98 or later.
Reggie (886 KB) is a fast domain name checker that makes it easy to find a free domain name. Includes a built-in dictionary of nearly 80,000 words with 'Sounds Like' searching. Performs both Whois and Http searching for use through firewalls. Five different automated search options check over 200 country and top level domain names. Free Trial. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
The Easy Bee (3.70 MB) periodically navigates, extracts and aggregates virtually any Web content, even pages that require form filling and button clicking. The program also blocks ads, pop-up windows and menus. All extracted content can be viewed on a single page. Requires free registration. For Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
AceHTML (3.4 MB) is a powerful HTML editor that comes with standard HTML editing features and offers an extensive array of additional features, including an HTML syntax checker, a code explorer for source code navigation and over 175 built-in DHTML and JavaScript samples. The program also has a built-in style sheet editor for adding CSS2 styles, a built-in browser preview, a file manager, spell checking, syntax validation, custom tags, auto-correct, a multi-document interface, a table wizard and much more. Requires free registration. For Windows 95/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP.
Arisesoft Color Set (302 KB) utilizes an elegant-looking interface to help you choose the best color scheme for your web site. A small preview window lets you see a mock-up of your page background, table borders, text colors, and more. Pick different colors for each element, with the ability to invert and copy colors between each area. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ 2000.
Sothink HTML Editor (4.3 MB) supports code & visual editing modes as well as site management. Features include integrated widget tools, coloring code, line listing, build-in browser, two editing modes, dockable toolbars, table designer, link wizard, frame designer, e-mail link wizard, and unlimited undo & redo support. For Win 95/98/Me/ 2000/NT4. Free - limited features.
Absolute HTML Compressor (501 KB) is an award-winning tool that optimizes HTML files so that their size reduces. The program doesn't corrupt most HTML files unlike other optimizers. For Win9x/NT4/ME/2000. Freeware.
HTML Search and Replace (699 KB) is a powerful tool for webmasters. The program allows replacement of entire paragraphs of text within the files of a selected folder. You can also delete and insert paragraphs. Has an editor with HTML syntax highlighting, a built-in offline browser and a powerful search utility for searching within HTML source or text. Shareware. Fully-functional 30-day trial version. For Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000.
eMenuTree (2.9 MB) makes DHTML tree menus for web pages. Tree menus work in all major browsers and most minor browsers. The program is easy to use, has numerous options and does not require any JavaScript programming. Make vertical or horizontal tree menus and place them anywhere on your web pages. Add headers, footers, left or right columns. Select folder images, fonts, indents, and colors. Requires Win 95 or above. Freeware.
HyperText Studio (20 MB) is a WYSIWYG HyperText authoring tool that enables you to create web sites effortlessly! The standard edition features WYSIWYG HTML page authoring, HTML source code editing, a powerful cascading style sheet editor, table drawing tools, on-the-fly spell checking, topic styles, with editable and locked regions and visual creation of JavaScript rollovers. Shareware. Evaluation version available. For Win 95/98/ME/NT 4.x/2000 /XP.
MapMakerPro Lite (530 KB) is a handy freeware program that provides an easy way to create client side image maps. MMPL generates the code for a client side image map using your image file. Output code can be saved to a file or to the clipboard for inclusion in your web page. Mapping areas can be rectangular or circular and can be moved, copied or deleted.
GeoHTML (1.2 MB) is a powerful freeware tool that lets you create client-side image maps for use on your website. It has a number of useful features that similiar freeware apps lack such as layer creation and functions to modify, move, copy and delete assigned areas as well as move them in front or behind other designated areas. GeoHTML also allows more than one map to be worked on at a time. For Win 95/98/2000/NT.
Flexwindow provides a free service allowing you and/or your customers to update a website by e-mail. Flexwindow is designed to update fast changing content, like news flashes, stories, notifications, price and product information, etc. Software download or installation is not required. Just send an e-mail to update your web site. Content updating has never been easier!
UltraEdit (1.4 MB) is a powerful Text, HEX and Programmer's Editor with numerous advanced features, including syntax highlighting & coloring for languages like C/C++, HTML, VB, Java, Perl, & ASP, HEX editing, column/block editing, FTP support, spell checker, unix/mac conversions, unicode support and conversions (including UTF-8), and more. Multi-language support. For Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Shareware. 45 day trial.
Text Effects (290 KB) creates stunning 3D, multicolor, shaded, rotatable text for that special web image, greeting card or logo. Features include shading, text rotation, horizontal, flip, vertical, & mirror text, realtime screen color grab, realtime rapid, size/font display, multiple picture formats: BMP, JPG, ICO - true color solid and transparent, PPM, PGM, PBM, XBM, TEP. Comes with 42 example TextBrushs. Freeware for Windows 9x/NT/ME/2K/XP.
Ace PopUp Generator (49 KB) is a code generator that takes the fuss out of making reliable popup window code. And, it does more than just make the code; it opens and tests the window live, so you can see the results instantly. Numerous options & features. Freeware for Windows 95/98/Me/ NT/2000.
Domain Name Analyzer (489 KB) is a free program for finding the best domain name for your product or business. Create the names you want to check from keywords, names you select, imported names from a text file or convert all the words in an article or story to domain names. You can even perform Trademark Lookup. For Win 95/98/NT/ 2K/XP. Freeware.
CHMOD (241 KB) is a help utility for selecting & translating UNIX CHMOD file and directory permission settings. Set the permissions with the checkboxes, and it provides the chmod numerical value. Set the permissions by the numbers, and it shows the read-write-execute checkbox settings. There's even an on-board mini-tutorial on permissions. For Win 95/98/Me/ NT/2000. Shareware: $15
Site Publisher is an excellent tool to facilitate the management of remote Web sites from a local computer. SP only uploads files which are new, or have been changed, and deletes old files and directories from your website that are no longer needed. It also makes a mirror image of the offline website on your PC, by uploading files to your website using FTP. For busy webmasters who handle multiple sites, updating mirror sites is a breeze. Jobs for separate sites can be run simultaneously. For Win 95/98/ ME/2000/NT4.0/XP. 30 day trial. Shareware.
Web-O-Rama (4.0 MB) is a versatile, HTML editor with an intuitive interface and a variety of useful features, including dialogs for adding images, tables, links, lists, sounds, forms, scrolling text, hex values, special characters, frames, body and font attributes, and more. The HTML Tag List dialog contains definitions of most tags and their attributes. Templates, drop-down menus, multiple toolbars, tag coloring, & user-configurable buttons aid both novice and advanced HTML authors. Donationware. For Win 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.
Pop Up Menu Maker is a DHTML driven navigational system that allows webmasters to add an easy to use and very impressive navigational system to their pages. It creates menus similar to the menus of Windows 95/98 and makes them available to visitors through a single mouse click. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000. Free & fully functional but has a branded menu header.
Web Dwarf (4.8 MB) is without doubt the most advanced and easiest to use, free WYSIWYG Web editor for HTML and SVG. Numerous features, including 100% wysiwyg editing, a DTP style interface and pixel precision object placement. No adware, or spyware. Windows XP/Me/NT4/2000/ 98/95.
Stones WebWriter (969 KB) is an award winning, no-nonsense HTML editor. Easy-to-use dialogues, right-click editing, code completion and syntax highlighting. Special features include built-in image viewer, image map editor, javascript editor, Style Sheets Editor, form builder, frames wizard and complete library access to HTML 4.0, CSS 2.0, and JavaScript 1.2. Free for private use! For Win 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP.
WebLog Expert (980 KB) is an easy-to-use and feature-packed web log analyzer that can provide detailed information about your site's visitors such as: activity statistics, what files visitors accessed, paths through the site, information about referring pages, search engines, browsers, operating systems, and more. The program produces easy-to-read HTML reports that include both text information (tables) and charts. Lite version is free. Shareware version also available. For Win 95/ 98/ Me/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
TS-ImageMapper (1.5 MB) is a unique imagemapper that lets you drop graphic elements into it to create the clickable hotspots. PNG and JPEG file formats are supported but GIF is Not. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ 2000/ NT.
EZ JavaScript (269 KB) is a program that contains 50+ JavaScripts for your webpages. Use the script wizard to change variables in the scripts. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Trellian Webpage< (5.0 MB) is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that allows you to create web pages without having to learn complex scripting languages. Creating and editing pages is as easy as using your favorite word processor.
VorteX's Webtool (79 KB) optimizes Html code. It deletes white space characters, left unchanged strings, preformatted text and tags and embedded Java scripts. On average file size can be reduced by 35-50%. Especially useful for code generated by Dreamweaver and Fontpage or for big pages with a lots of tables and styles. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ NT.
CSE HTML Validator Lite (2.7MB) is an award winning html editor and basic html/xhtml syntax checker. Features include syntax highlighting, split view, spell checking and much more. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/2000/ XP/ 2003.
Emsa HTML Tag Remover (219 KB) is a utility that enables the removal of html tags from an html file. The program provides several options to remove different types of data from an html page. It works both in interactive mode as well as in command line mode. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2k/ XP/ 2003.
RHA TagCheck (265 KB) tests html or xml code to ensure that all tags are properly nested and closed. Found errors are marked in red. Files can be checked individually or in batch mode. You can modify the lists of tags for which a closing tag is forbidden and those for which a closing tag is optional. Freeware for Windows 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
AddrView (34 KB) is a small utility that allows you to parse html pages and extract URL addresses stored in them. Extracted addresses can be saved to text, html or XML files. Freeware for all Windows versions.
HTML Quick Edit Bar (496 KB) is a freeware toolbar for Internet Explorer that allows you to edit the current html page within the browser itself. Once edited, it allows you to upload the modified page to your web site via FTP. Useful for anyone who uses I.E. and wants to modify and examine html documents "on the fly" when browsing. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2Kx/ XP and I.E. 5.5 or higher.
Namu6 (7.1 MB) is a visual editor that provides a fast way to create, maintain, and publish a website without any knowledge of html. One click publishing, picture effects, themes and clip art are included. Freeware for Windows 98/ 2000/ XP.
No Right Click (756 KB) is a simple utility that prevents visitors from "borrowing" images from your web site through right-clicking them and using "save image as...", etc. Works with all java-script enabled browsers like I.E., Netscape, Mozilla and Opera. Freeware for all versions of Windows.
Web-Design-Toy (506 KB) is a great split window html learning tool. Displays formatted html as you type so you can instantly see the effect of various HTML tags. Perfect companion for any html tutorial. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2Kx/ XP.

System Apps and Tools

nCleaner 2.3.3 (865 KB) is a system cleaner that cleans both your system and applications, frees more disk space, boosts system speed and provides stability and privacy protection. Over 90 cleaning items available, including a registry cleaner, a tweak manager, a startup manager, junk finder, etc. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista.

UltraExplorer 1.3.4 (2.7 MB) is designed to be the ultimate file manager. User interface is completely customizable - windows, toolbars and buttons can be moved, hidden, etc. Too many features to mention. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista.
Windows in a Box (179 KB) provides access to almost all the functions and settings of Windows XP from a single window on your desktop. Freeware for Windows XP.
Hidden Utilities XP (234 KB) provides a GUI interface to access 53 Windows tools and 43 Command Line utilities not normally accessible to the average user in Windows XP. Freeware.
Log2SQL 1.2 (411 KB) can parse web-server logs and save them into an SQL database. Both W3C and NCSA web log formats are supported. Once imported complex queries and searches can be performed on your logs. Freeware for non-commercial use. Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003. Requires .NET 2.0
EasyCleaner 2.0 (2.9 MB) is a small program which scans and cleans the Windows registry. It also allows for deletion of unnecessary files, searching for duplicate files, viewing disk space usage, managing startup programs, invalid shortcuts, etc. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT3.51+/ 2000/ XP.
PrinterAnywhere 0.9 Beta (1.3 MB) allows you to share your printer with anyone else, or print to their printer using the internet. Removes the need to send attachments. Print directly from the program you used to create the document. Freeware for Windows XP.
Tech-Pro Utilities (1.45 MB) is a suite of micro-apps which contains 12 popular utilities in a single installable package, including tech-pro menu, textpad, sticky notes, calendar, safe, tech-pro zip, clock sync, etc. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000.
System Spec (1.5 MB) is a useful tool for gathering detailed system specs from your computer. It displays the CPU speed, MAC address, ports, memory (RAM), video card, Windows version and serial number, hard disk size/space, and many other details about your system. Donationware for Windows NT/ 2000/ XP.
The Wizard Cleaner (1.6 MB) is a system and temp files cleaner. Recognizes 300+ types of temp files and includes an obsolete linkfiles remover. Removes tracks and activities left by more than 50 everyday apps such as multimedia players, graphics utilities, compressors, archivers and office software. A built-in Registry Cleaner fixes and speeds up Windows.
Registry Trash Keys Finder (142 KB) is an advanced Registry cleaning tool for removal of unnecessary keys from the Windows Registry. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
MalWhere (1.1 MB) provides information about running processes and the tools to stop and eliminate any program that could disrupt, damage, slowdown or crash your system. A good complement to firewalls and anti-virus software. Freeware for Windows NT/ 2000/ 2003/ XP.
XPepius (885 KB) is a tool suite for tweaking, optimizing and tuning Windows XP. The program also offers several tools that include a start-up manager, uninstaller, cleanup center, disk cleanup, and designer XP. Includes skins, HTML help and drag & drop support. Shareware with 14 day free trial. For Windows XP.
Remove Startup Programs Buddy (932 KB) is a utility that can remove malicious programs from Windows startup. It inspects Windows startup places and lists startup programs so you can delete abusive items. Freeware for Windows.
ExplorerXP (384 KB) is a fast, compact file manager. Unlike the regular Windows Explorer, it displays the total size of each folder and allows you to browse multiple folders from a tabbed interface. Includes options to split and merge files and to select or delete files based on wildcards. Freeware for Windows 2000/XP.
Add/Remove Pro (342 KB) displays the entries in the Add /Remove Programs list of Windows Registry, checks if each is valid, and uninstalls the selected program or removes the entry from the list. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ XP/ NT4.x/ 2000.
Process Explorer (230 KB) shows which program has a particular file or directory open, providing information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded. Has a powerful search function. Fr'eeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Startup Mechanic (721 KB) can scan your system for known data mining, advertising, and tracking components, and remove them. It can also find and remove junk and obsolete programs, freeing up RAM and significantly increasing your system performance. Advanced features include automatic recycle bin storage of removed components and boot protection of from harmful Trojans, adult-dialers, and other scumware. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
StartupRun (24 KB) is a small utility that displays a list of all applications that are automatically loaded when Windows boots. If the program identifies a spyware or adware program it displays it using a pink color. You can edit, disable, enable and delete selected startup entries or add new startup entries to the Registry. Site slow to load. Fr'eeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
CM DiskCleaner (4.3 MB) frees up space on your computer by removing temporary files, invalid shortcuts, junk files and more. It can also empty browser cache, cookies, MRU lists and any user defined file type. Additional features include options to skip locked files, delete locked files on next boot (e.g. index dat etc.), secure overwrite and more. For Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
IZArc (2.8 MB) can open and create compressed files in numerous formats. The program uses an Explorer style interface and offers many advanced features, including archive repair, archive search, password protection and much more. IZArc can also create self-extracting or disk-spanning archives and has anti-virus integration. Freeware. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
RAM Def XTreme (83 KB) is a low resource, reliable and fast tool that monitors and de-fragments your system's RAM on request. Offers live display of available RAM in the system tray, either in digits or as a bar graph. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
EasyCleaner (1.4 MB) searches the Windows' registry for entries that are pointing nowhere and deletes those entries to speed up your system. The program will also let you delete unnecessary files like temps, backups, search for duplicate files and view info about your disk space usage! WinME and WinXP users read the "readMe" file before installing. For Windows 9x/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP. This site now requires you to become a paid member for access to their product downloads.
Control3 (932 kb) is in our opinion one of the best file management programs available for copying and moving files between drives and directories, for deleting, viewing, or editing files, executing programs, full .ZIP file processing and for quickly navigating complex directory structures. Unlike other file management programs Control3 gives you access to 3 drives or directories simultaneously and features a very fast directory search function. For Win95/98/ME/2000/NT. Shareware.
MemoryBoost Pro (1.3 MB). If your computer runs slow, your programs crash after your computer has been running awhile or your disk drive seems to run all the time, then you need Memory Boost! MemoryBoost Pro recovers memory leaks, prevents Windows crashes and uses many advanced features to keep your computer running at optimum speed. For Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Free evaluation. Shareware.
Registry First Aid (697 KB). Tired of Windows crashing? Sick of having software lock up on you or taking forever to load? The problem could be those incorrect registry entries caused by software installations and un-installations that went awry! Registry First Aid can fix that! For Win 95/98/ME/NT 3.x/NT 4.x/Win2000. Shareware.
G-Lock Temp Cleaner (660 KB) searches your harddrive for potentially unwanted files so you can deal with them all with just one click. Unlike standard "cleaner" type programs, GTC also identifies garbage files on the HDD of network computers. For Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000. Freeware.
Fresh Diagnose (949 KB) is an utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware, such as CPU performance, hard disk performance, video system information, mainboard information, and more! Free but you need to provide a valid name & email address to receive the Reg. code. For Win Me/9X/NT4.0/2000/XP.
CT Cookie Spy (135 kb) will show you how many cookies are on your computer and where they came from. It also lets you delete the ones you don't want. Cookie Spy lists the date and time a cookie was created and provides a link directly to the web site that put it there. The expiration date and life of the cookies is also shown. FREEWARE. For Win95/98/ME/NT/2000.
PC Booster (1.56MB) is a utility that safely optimizes, stabilizes, and cleans up your PC with just a few mouse clicks. Safe even for non-PC experts. Can boost overall system speed and double the speed of boot ups and shut downs. Prevents 98% of all PC crashes by optimizing resource usage. For Windows 95/98/ME/ NT/2000. Thirty day trial. Shareware.
MS Windows Error Messages (62 KB) is a small utility that will allow you to look up MS Windows error code numbers and display a descriptive message explaining what the numeric code actually means. The program can also display all of the error codes and messages defined for your version of MS Windows. For Win 95/98/ ME/XP/NT/2000. Freeware.
RegCleaner (540 KB) gets rid of old and obsolete registry entries created by software that you have deleted or uninstalled. Very simple to use. Other features include removal of software from the Add/Remove list, removal of unused DLL files and unused Shared DLLs and an automatic backup feature. For Win95/98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/ NT4. Freeware.
Fresh UI (557 KB) is an easy solution for configuring and optimizing Windows. Loaded with hundreds of useful hidden settings in Windows XP/2000/98/95/Me. Optimize system settings, hardware settings, Windows app settings and more. Freeware.
Personal Stock Streamer (3.7 MB) is an advanced tool for investors that includes real time streaming quotes and a host of other useful features. A top-rated freeware app. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4.x/ XP/ 2000.
PeerGuardian (394 KB) is a small but powerful firewall app designed for P2P users andanyone who wants to protect his computer from unauthorized searches. Works by blocking and logging all TCP/IP connections to and from known IP ranges. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Aranea Spywizard (2.32 MB) is a handy freeware tool that will instantly clean your system if its infected with Spyware, Adware or Backdoor Trojans. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier (46 KB) is a utility that recovers data from scratched or damaged disks including floppy, DVD, CD and hard disks. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ XP/ 2000.
MaxPasswords (358 KB) generates random passwords. You can specify a mask for your passwords and also have the option to put a static text in every password. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
SmartBuster (376 KB) is a unique and compact utility that can unistall programs, remove junk files, terminate programs or windows, split files, shred files, eliminate usage traces and more. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Omea Reader (3.1 MB) is an easy to use RSS feed reader, newsgroup reader, and web bookmark manager. It offers great information organization and management features, including fast searches, flexible filing, contextual access, and much more. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003.
VirtuaWin (356 KB) is a small virtual desktop manager with no unnecessary features. It shows the current desktop in the system tray and offers a number of configuration options for both mouse and key control. Supports up to 9 configurable desktops, user defined icons, modules for new features and more. Uses less than 1% of the CPU. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ Win2K/ XP.
DriverView (26 KB) is a utility that displays a list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system. For each driver in thel list, additional useful info is displayed such as load address of the driver, description, version, product name, co. that created the driver, and more. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ NT.
Wise Registry Cleaner 2.0 (1.0 MB) is a fast, safe tool that scans and analyzes the Windows registry for incorrect or obsolete entries and then fixes them. Provides detailed descriptions for problems found and creates backups. Freeware for Win 98/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2K3.

UltraManager 2.3 (3.8 MB) is graphical Windows file manager. Has a wealth of integrated file function features and a built-in designer which enables the creation of slick graphic interfaces. Freeware for Windows 95 and up.
Vista Start Menu v 2.02 SE (953 KB) an attractive Windows Start Menu alternative that efficiently displays all start up programs. Features include flexible zoom, resizeable menu, comfortable scrolling, tabs, power buttons, keyboard support and much more. Freeware for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista.
Advanced WindowsCare (4.4 MB) is a tool that helps protect, repair and optimize your computer. Removes spyware and adware, fixes registry errors, cleans temp files and startup, speeds up system, etc. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003.
Arrange Startup (766 KB) classifies all programs that are executed at startup as system programs, suspicious apps and programs that are not necessary for startup. Helps you remove programs from startup list or to add them. Freeware for Windows NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Magic Transfer (889 KB) allows you to synchronize the settings and information on computers that you use at work, home, on a trip, etc! Freeware for Windows XP/ NT 3.x/ NT 4.x/ 2000/ 2003.
Clean My Registry (526 KB) is a utility that cleans obsolete and invalid data from the Windows Registry. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
myProcMan (5.9 MB)is an interactive process manager that provides detailed information about programs and processes running on your PC. Lets you kill any running process and delete any active trojan or virus. Contains data on more than 12,000 processes. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT 4.x/ 2000/ 2003/ XP.
NTRegOpt (483 KB) is a registry utility that improves system performance by compacting the registry, removing space that may be left from previously modified or deleted keys. The program does not modify the registry, making it safe to use, and also supports command-line switches for unattended runs. Freeware for Windows NT/ 2000/ 2003/ XP.
Save2FTP (1.35 MB) is an easy-to-use utility for backing up data to remote FTP servers. Organize and schedule automatic backups. Features an intuitive user interface. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ XP/ 2Kx.
Windows Inspector (5.3 MB) is a utility that identifies third party software installed on your computer. It checks for browser hijacking as well as for unwanted BHOs, toolbars, buttons and more. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Memory Optimizer (1.29 MB) frees physical memory in order to speed up your computer so that it may be run at an optimal level. Easy to use interface. Operates automatically. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000.
WinAudit (113 KB) is a program that can perform an exhaustive audit of the hardware and software on your computer. It provides details on installed software, license information, peripherals, memory usage, processor model, network settings, etc. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Safe XP (265 KB) improves system performance and makes Windows run faster, more secure and more stable! Disable unnecessary Windows services, prevent Internet attacks, disable spyware and remove Microsoft Windows Messenger completely. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Windows Startup Inspector (1.4 MB) provides information on software that is loaded at start-up, whether that program is necessary to the system, or if the program is spyware. More than 3,400 programs are in the Inspector database. All programs in the Windows Startup Folder are scanned and background info is provided on each. Fr'eeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Index.dat Suite (2.6 MB) is a utility that allows you not only to delete index.dat files, temporary internet files, temp files, cookies and history, but also lets you to view the index.dat files on your system. Fr'eeware for Windows 9.x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard (1.1 MB) is an easy to use Zip/Unzip utility with built-in E-mail and FTP functions, so you can Zip and send your files in one easy step. Zip Wizard can also run any program or setup file inside Zip files, can create self-extracting .exe files, and find all the Zip files on your system. Freeware. For Windows 98/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Fast Defrag (478 KB) is a tool that can free and optimize RAM and the swap-file usage. Displays current memory usage and statistics and can also be run from the command line. Includes access to system configuration, running processes, startup programs and more. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Startup Control Panel (57 KB) is a control panel applet that allows you to easily configure which programs run when your computer starts. It's simple to use and won't burden your system. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
MRU-Blaster (507 KB) is a privacy cleaning tool that quickly scans your computer for MRU (most recently used) entries, cookies and Internet cache files and removes unwanted files on request. Additional features include cookie cleaning with exclude option, secure file deletion, index.dat file deletion and more. Freeware. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
XP Smoker (456 KB) is a tweaking program for Windows XP that fully optimizes your hard drive and CD drive's read ahead and write behind cache, 56K dialup settings, display settings, file system settings, and mouse port refresh rate. Includes 30+ Internet Explorer security settings. Shareware.
YKill (256 KB) provides information on all top-level windows that are running in the background and allows you to close and kill windows instantly. The program features a complete help system. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
RamPup (463 KB) is a free memory manager. It can be set to free from 5MB to 50MB of RAM, either on request or automatically at two minute intervals. Buttons for graceful system shutdown and reboot included. View home and download pages in IE. For Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
WinDriversBackup (2.5 MB) can identify all of your Windows driver files and save them to a secure location in two mouse clicks. The program is network compatible and especially helpful in situations where internal hardware is unknown. It can identify the hardware on a system and the associated drivers, then back them up to a specified location. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000.
BigFix Client (2.7 MB) offers a new technology that can fix all kinds of problems on your PC - before they affect your computer. With BigFix, you are automatically protected from bugs, security holes, and problems caused by outdated software, letting you work more and crash less every day. And BigFix is always up-to-date, checking the Internet daily for newly discovered problems that could harm your computer. For Win 9x/ 2000/ NT/ XP.
Driver Detective (2.0 MB) is a free software program written by DriversHQ to help you find your current driver or drivers version and manufacturer to help you decide if you need to update. For Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT.
CloneSpy (327 KB) can free up hard drive space by detecting and removing duplicate files. CloneSpy is also able to find zero length files (no content) and files that are not exactly identical, but have the same filename. Freeware. Requires at least 800 x 600 screen resolution. For Win 95/98/NT4.0/2000/ME/XP.
Belarc Advisor (602 KB) builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Mpower (769 KB) is a utility that cleans and defrags RAM giving more stability to your PC. Also benchmarks: CPU speed, CPU load, Hard Disks Read/Write Speed. Cpu load and memory status may be displayed on active window title bar or in a tray icon. Freeware. For all versions of Windows.
Drive Rescue (984 KB) is a data recovery tool that allows you to find any lost or deleted data on your hard disk even if the partition table is lost. Supports FAT 12/16/32 file systems. Simply browse the Explorer-style tree of deleted files and right click to restore selected items. The display also indicates the condition of the file as either good or poor, indicating the possibility of successful restoration. Additional tools offered for advanced users. Not for NTFS! Win 9x/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Regmon (72 KB) is a Registry monitoring utility that will show you which programs are accessing your Registry, which keys they are accessing, and the Registry data that they are reading and writing - all in real-time. Freeware for Win 9x/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
FreeRAM XP Pro (517 KB) is a program that can free and defragment your computer's RAM. The program frees up memory used by applications which do not return it after closing, thereby increasing system response time, stability, speed, and efficiency. Freeware. For Windows 95/98/ME/2000/ XP.
Start Menu Cleaner (38 KB) is a small utility that cleans the start menu by removing unneeded shortcuts and folders. Start Menu Cleaner scans all shortcuts in your start menu and removes empty folders and shortcuts which point to files that no longer exist. Freeware. For all Windows versions.
Motherboard Monitor (1.6 MB) is a detailed system monitoring utility that can monitor fan speeds, temperatures, voltages and more. In addition, it provides detailed system information about your chip and memory and also includes an alarm feature that can send e-mail alerts, initiate an FTP transfer or even send a pager message if conditions exceed the user defined condition. Freeware. For Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
CyberLat RAM Cleaner (507 KB) is a small system tray program that frees wasted memory in your system. Your computer will load your files and programs very slowly or may freeze when you are working with low or near-zero megabytes of RAM. This program not only frees up RAM, it also can be configured to automatically free a user defined amount of RAM every X minutes. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ ME/ 2000/ NT/ XP.
Easy Uninstaller (698 KB) is an award-wining freeware system utility to remove software installations from your computer. The app is fast, displays additional information with clickable URLs (if available) and allows multiple uninstalls in a row. It also offers an option to backup the uninstall list and to remove items from the list, if they are corrupt. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ XP.
Handy Password (526 KB) is an easy-to-use, secure password manager designed to automatically fill in web forms. All saved passwords are stored locally on your computer in a single file encrypted using 128-bit encryption. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT4.0/ 2000/ XP.
Good Old DOS (434 KB) is a utility dedicated to all DOS lovers. It gives you the command "DOS prompt" when you right-click on a folder. A new DOS window opens and sets the current directory to the clicked folder. Freeware for Windows 98/ 2000/ XP.
freeCommander (1.3 MB) is a windows file manager alternative. Features include dual-panel technology, optional tree views, built-in file viewer for hex, binary, text or image files, built-in archive handling for zip, cab, and rar files, easy access to system folders, control panel, desktop and start menu, standard file functions like copy, move, delete, erase, rename, etc. and much more. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
FreeUndelete (731 KB) is a freeware utility for recovering files that have been accidentally deleted on a NTFS file system (used by default in Windows XP, 2000 and NT).
ObjectDock (7.6 MB) is a program that acts as both a task manager and a program launcher. Users can customize the look of each item on the dock and set various animation options for mouseovers. Shareware for Windows 2000/ XP.
Remote Execute (316 KB) can start applications on remote computers as well as shutdown and reboot without anything installed on the remote host. Freeware for Windows NT4.0/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.

Security Apps and Tools

Comodo BOClean 4.23 (1.4 MB) is a superior malware, rootkit, spambot, hijacker and keylogger detector and remover. Daily updates. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000.

SafeZilla 1.01 (1.45 MB) is a security tool that secures your PC's weakest points (browser, mail, chat etc.) against viruses, exploits, and spyware threats. Install and forget. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003.
RogueRemover 1.11 (591 KB) is a utility that can remove over 60 rogue applications (programs that pose as antivirus, antispyware, installation and HD cleaning utilities) that eat up system resources. freeware for Windows 98 and above.
Dr.WEB CureIt! (5.3 MB) is a freeware anti-virus and anti-spyware utility based on the Dr.Web Anti-virus scanner. It can quickly scan and cure a computer using Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT 4.0/ 2000/ XP/ 2003 without installation of the full Dr.WEB Anti-virus program.
Spyware Terminator (2.3 MB) is a full featured adware and spyware scanner with real-time protection that can remove and/or quarantine adware, spyware, keyloggers, homepage hijackers, trojans, and many other malware threats. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP.
Comodo Personal Firewall (14.5 MB) secures your system against internal and external attacks. Has a built-in application database that classifies more than 10,000 applications according to their risk level. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Index.dat Analyzer (868 KB) is a tool to view, examine and delete the content of index.dat files which are files that contain all tracks of your online activity. Freeware for Windows XP/ NT4.x/ 2000/ 2003.
Hotspot Shield (1.7 M) allows you to maintain your anonymity and protect your privacy when accessing free wi-fi hotspots. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000.
Storm (1.1 MB) is a unique program that allows you to hide files and folders in regular .jpeg picture files. Information can be encrypted and hidden inside a .jpeg file without affecting the image's appearance, quality or dimensions. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP.
a-squared Anti-Malware (4.3 MB) is a malware scanner and remover which specializes in detecting and removing trojans, dialers worms and spyware. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ 2003. Unrestricted 30 day trial.
Tiny Shredder (66 KB) overwrites deleted files several times with junk data, completely erasing files from your HD without the possibility of software or hardware recovery. Freeware for all Windows versions.
1-2-3 SpywareFree (1.8 MB) provides real-time protection against spyware and adware, notifying you when spyware attempts to run in-memory or install on your PC. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2Kx/ XP.
SpyDefense Beta (5.8 MB) protects your computer against spyware, adware, trojans, etc. User friendly interface providing a complete anti-spyware package for users of all skill levels. Freeware for Windows NT4/ 2000/ XP.
AS3 Personal Firewall (399 KB) is a device designed to prevent outsiders from accessing your network. Serves as the single entry point to your network and evaluates all TCP connections requests as they are received comparing them against user-defined rules. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Prisma Firewall (1.7 MB) is a professional firewall solution that protects your computer against intruders. It constantly adapts it's behavior based on network analysis to build the best defence. Freeeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Advanced StartUp Supervisor (939 KB) is a powerful utility for managing start-up applications and for removing spyware and viruses. Freeware for all Windows versions.
Computer Inspector (6.0 MB) analyzes and warns you about 3rd-party software installed on your computer. It shows what's running with full details and highlights any suspicious process. Helpful in identifying unwanted browser hijackers, toolbars, buttons, and context menus. Provides full details of all IE-related data, which can be vulnerable to attack from malicious applications. Freeware version for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
eScan Anti Virus Toolkit (4.6 MB) is a free utility that scans your computer for virus infections and cleans the registry and other system areas of damage that a virus might have done. The program also looks for running processes in memory, illegal dialers running in memory and sniffers or tools running in memory. Updated once-a-week. Freeware version for Windows.
WinPatrol (790 KB) sniffs out worms, adware, spyware, cookies, trojan horses and other virus types. Puts you back in control of your computer with no need for constant updates. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
GoldTach (1.1 MB) is a mini-sized personal firewall that protects your computer against hacker intrusions. It has basic firewall, process communication control, E-mail protection and log management. Fr'ee software for Windows 2000/ XP.
Acerose Password Vault (1.0 MB) provides an easy way to organize and keep all your passwords safe and secure. Password records are viewed as a table where every column can be hidden, shown, sorted, sized, or re-ordered. Automatic multi-version backup of vault files to any local or network drive adds another layer of protection against the loss of passwords. Fr-e-eware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP.
OmniVPN (11 MB) provides an integrated VPN and firewall solution for business and home users. It provides network security, remote access to computers at home, and enables network sharing. The software does not require users to rewire networks. Shareware. Windows 2000/ NT/ XP.
Password Depot (2.6 MB) is a password generator for creating uncrackable passwords. Passwords can be saved in a single password list from which they can inserted into a password box with a mouse click or by dragging & dropping. The free version has a limit of 20 passwords. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Asterisk Key (274 KB) is a utility that reveals passwords hidden under asterisks. Works both with password dialog boxes and web page login forms. Just press a button while the dialog box or web page is open and Asterisk Key detects and reveals all masked passwords. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
VCatch (889 KB) is a new and Free virus protection program that checks all the files sent or downloaded to your computer via Email, Web-Mail, Instant Messaging and File Sharing Apps. In the event that vCatch detects a virus, the software deletes the file and notifies you. VCatch also automatically updates its virus definitions list in your computer once a day. For Win 95/98/2000 & NT.
For basic, "no frills" firewall protection, ZoneAlarm® (2.8 MB) is the way to go for home PC users and its Free. For additional features like hacker tracking, cookie control, ad blocking, spyware scanning and more, try ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0 ($49.95). Both versions support Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
AVG Anti-Virus (5.2 MB) is an excellent free virus scanner, providing many features that you would only expect to get in a commercial application. It offers an easy-to-use interface, an automatic update feature, free virus database updates, an email scanner, resident protection, automatic healing of infected files and more. Free upon questionnaire completion.
AntiVir Personal Edition (3.9 MB) is effective protection against computer viruses for the individual and private use on a single PC-workstation. Detects and removes more than 50,000 viruses, has a resident Virus Guard that monitors file movements automatically, scans for macro viruses & repairs file damage, auto-update & more. Freeware. For Win 95/98/Me/NT/ 2000/XP.
SoftPerfect Personal Firewall (960 KB) is a network firewall designed to protect your PC against attacks from the Internet or via a local area network. Offers customizable security using user-defined rules for packet filtering. Other features include password protection, logging and more. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ XP/ NT4.x/ 2000/ 2003.
Agnitum Outpost Free (2.78 MB) is a personal firewall to protect your computer from threats by email viruses, backdoors, spyware, crackers, adware, cookies, ads, and more. Supports all the latest security techniques and features such as Full Stealth Mode, Anti-Leak, and MD5 Authentication. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
SuperAntiSpyware Beta (5.6 MB) detects and removes all types of malware, using unique technology. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2K/ XP/ 2K3 and personal use.

PC Tools Firewall Plus 1.0 (2.2 MB) is a powerful personal firewall that protects your computer from trojans, backdoors, keyloggers and other malware. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003.
LaptopLock .92 (533 KB) can protect, delete or encrypt files and execute custom instructions. If a computer is stolen and later connects to the internet, the connection information can be traced and used for recovery. Freeware for Windows 98/2000/XP. Requires registration.
Spyware Firewall 1.1 (1.0 MB) blocks spyware before it reaches your computer. Protects your computer by real-time monitoring and denying access to any spyware connections that occur. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT4.x/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Ashampoo FireWall 1.0 (3.7 MB) provides heavy-duty firewall protection by monitoring your computer's network incoming and outgoing connection activity. Easy to use with small footprint. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP.
Cyberhawk (6.8 MB) is a complement to current antivirus solutions. It protects against both known and zero-day viruses, worms, trojans, buffer overflows, rootkits and some spyware. No configuration required. Freeware for personal use. Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003.
Avira AntiVir Removal Tool (365 KB) is an anti-virus tool designed to remove and repair the damage done by 5 major worm viruses. It can also remove related non-viral files and registry entries. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Multi Virus Cleaner (871 KB) is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove major viruses. Regularly updated and can detect over 2,100 common viruses, worms, trojans and dialers. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP.
myWIFIzone (974 KB) prevents freeloaders from using your WIFI network. If an outsider attempts to use your connection, he will be shown an "Access Not Available" screen and you are notified from the system tray. You can also maintain a list of allowed IP and MAC addresses. Supports WEP and WPA. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP.
Windows Defender Beta 2 (6.4 MB) from Microsoft detects and removes adware and spyware from your computer. Features real-time protection and a variety of security agents. Freeware for all licensed Windows 2000/ 2003/ XP users.
Scarabay (836 KB) is an easy-to-use password manager that stores logins in an encrypted database. It offers a drag and drop approach to entering usernames and passwords and includes a built-in password generator. Supports multiple users and has a backup feature that can copy all data and settings to a folder or USB drive). Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Spyware & Adware Removal (705 KB) recognizes and removes spyware and adware BHOs that cause pop-up ads. The program protects your home page setting from being hijacked by Web sites and spyware which can modify your default start page. Freeware for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
Malware Destroyer (6.8 MB) is a unique malware removal tool with a new and faster scanning engine! It only takes about 10 seconds to scan your whole computer for over 7700 threats including adware, trojans, worms, spyware and dialers. Freeware for Windows NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
ArovaxShield (734 KB) detects and notifies you about all the major online threats to your System, isolates & removes them, including spyware, keystroke loggers, trojan horses and more. Freeware for Win 95/ 98/ XP.
GoldTach (Update - 1.22Mb) is a powerful, easy-to-use internet security tool that provides four functions: personal firewall, process commnication control, e-mail protection and webpage content filtration. It effectively protects against hacker intrusion, trojans, worms and other malware. Freeware version is function-limited after 30 days. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
RegAuditor (827 KB ) scans for adware, malware and spyware on your computer, including parasites and trojans. Specific objects are rated by colored icons as safe, harmful or unknown. The program also allows you to delete unwanted registry entries. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface. Freeware for Windows NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2003.
Perfect Process (4.1 MB) is a spyware/adware shield that protects your computer in real-time from more than a 1,000 potential spyware and malware programs. Also has a startup manager and a detailed process viewer that provides in-depth information for many running processes, browser home page protection and more. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ NT4.
Omniquad AntiSpy (928 KB) is a powerful spyware remover to safeguard your PC against malicious software. AntiSpy scans system memory, registry, hard and removable drives for known traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser Hijackers, Spyware, Adware and other tracking components. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Cryptainer (2.1 MB) keeps private data secure. Encrypt documents, files and folders. Also provides software password protection and can hide any file or folder. Offers 128-bit encryption and can create secure e-mail attachments. Fr'ee for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
SysShield File Shredder (509 KB) permanently removes files and folders from your system without the possibility of data recovery. The program can be configured to use the quick two-pass, standard seven-pass file shredding or a customized wiping method. Freeware. For Windows 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Advanced CheckSum Verifier (246 KB) is a handy, fast and comprehensive SFV and MD5 checksum utility for protecting the integrity of files by using the CRC32 or MD5 checksum calculation algorithms. It allows you to verify the accuracy of data after you burn a CD or transfer a files over a network and is especially effective if you have many files or subdirectories.Uses checksum files fully compatible with popular md5sum utility for MD5 and SFV (Simple File Verification) for CRC32. Shareware US $14.95. For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
Oubliette (0.99 MB) allows you to store a list of passwords as well as account name, associated password, URL, and free-form notes in an encrypted, password protected database. Easily access data, copy to clipboard or export to a variety of formats. Includes a powerful search facility with filtered output. You can assign custom categories to accounts, generate random passwords, auto-expire accounts and much more. The program can maintain multiple database files with an unlimited number of entries. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
DesktopShield 2000 (3.6 MB) is a security utility that prevents people from trespassing on your computer. The program locks your system and renders it completely unusable. The taskbar disappears and Windows hotkeys are disabled, so data cannot be accessed. Sits quietly in the system and can be activated by double-clicking the icon. Supports multiple users, and can be securely controlled by an administrator. Freeware for Windows 95/98/NT.
Eraser (751 KB) is an advanced security tool which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
StartPage Guard (678 KB) protects your PC from cyberscam, by detecting and preventing any unauthorized changes to your internet browser's Start and Search pages. Also capable of removing automatically most known "invaders". Freeware. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000.
AVAST32 (10.4 MB) is a complete anti-virus package, that is is free for registered home non-commercial users. It contains an on-demand scanner with two interfaces (simple for novices and advanced for experienced users), an on-access scanner with Standard Shield (which protects against execution and opening malware programs) and an embedded e-mail scanner which scans incoming and outgoing email messages. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Cookie Spook (810 KB) is a fast cookie deleting tool. Cookies are small text files placed on your hard drive that can reveal information like your IP address and email address. The app has a built-In Cookie Viewer and a real-time cookies detection and deletion engine. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.

Office Apps and Tools

Express Accounting 2.0 (46.5 MB) is a commercial grade accounting program for a single company, single user. It offers a full suite of integrated accounting and operations management modules covering accounts, bank, inventory, purchase and payable, tax management, etc. as well as detailed financial and management reports via Crystal Reports. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ 2Kx/ XP.

PMBCom (4.0 MB) is a business communication system with built in video recording, converting and upload capabilities. Has a host of features including contact management, events calendar, online chat, bookmark storage, search, products showcase, etc. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT 4.x/ XP/ 2000/ 2003.
Dynacom Accounting (56.3 MB) is a fully functional accounting package that provides effective sales management and business reports. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2Kx/ XP.
Lastes Accounting 1.5 (49 MB) is a full featured, user-friendly modular accounting package. Each module comes with many drill-downs and lookups. Modular applications include purchase orders, accounts payable, order entry, inventory control, accounts receivable, contact management, etc. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003.
TurboCASH (33MB) is fully featured, multi-company, multi-user accounting system. Modules include general ledger, cashbook, customers, suppliers, inventory, report writer, point of sale, payroll and ecommerce. Freeware for Windows 98 and higher.
Angel Writer (1.5 MB) is a text editor allowing you to create impressive documents that contain formatted text, graphics and tables. You can learn Angel Writer in five minutes since it is similar to Microsoft Word. Freeware for Win9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
PrimoPDF (10.2 MB) allows you to create PDF files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and virtually any other printable file type. Installs as a virtual printer and is accessible from any program that offers a Print option. Also offers optimized PDF output for printing to standard laser printers or for onscreen viewing. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Newsgroup Commander (659 KB) is a newsgroup reader and search program. Allows fast email message downloading from select newsgroups and can extract information from newsgroups using multiple include/exclude keyword filters based on article content and subjects. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ XP/ NT/ 2000.
CutePDF Printer (4.3 MB) enables you to create PDF documents from ANY printable Windows application. Contains no watermarks or annoying pop-up ads. Fr'ee for Windows 9x/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Invoiceit! (13.3 MB) is a professional billing and accounting solution featuring essential business tools like cashbook finances, customizable invoicing, quotations, inventory/stock control, client and vendor tracker, over 60 customizable reports, appointments and diary, contacts, email, mailing labels and customizable stationary. Easy to use interface and extensive help support. Shareware. Use it Free for 30 days. For Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Volutive (3.9 MB) is a freeware invoicing system for individuals or businesses. Customize invoice templates, print them, and/or email perfect copies in .pdf or .jpeg format. Save or email any report in html format. For Windows 95 and higher.
AbiWord (4.9 MB) is a word processing program similar to MS Word. Features a familiar-looking interface, paragraph alignment, spell checker, rulers, unlimited undo/redo, find/replace, and more. It can also import Word documents. Freeware for Windows 95 and up, Mac, Linux, etc.
QuickFill(94 KB) is designed to copy templates onto the clipboard for quick paste into emails, documents and forms. Freeware for all versions of Windows.
Floppy Office 3.9 (1.9 MB) is a collection of 13 small, self contained no-install office software apps which can easily be used from a USB stick. Freeware for Win 98/ 2000/ XP.

Open Contacts 4.0 (4.5 MB) is an address book program that features a relational database, search, comprehensive categories, cross usage with most Windows program, map service through Google Maps, label printing, import from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape/ Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. and export to various file formats. Freeware for Windows 2k/ Me/ XP/ 2003/ Vista.
Commercial Invoice (97 KB) is an easy to use program that allows you to create, edit, update and print custom invoices. The program stores all invoices for easy recall or editing. Freeware for Windows 95 or higher.
EzeePDF 3.6 (1.3 MB) is an application that can quickly and easily create PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat not required. Works with any text or RTF file. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Database Browser (2.0 MB) is an easy-to-use tool that allows a user to connect to any database and browse or modify data, run sql scripts, export and print data. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
XS Invoicing (7.0 MB) is a comprehensive invoicing package. Features include invoicing & credit processing, payments & deposit processing, customer statements, debtors aging, full reporting & analysis of information, etc. Freeware for Windows 2000/ ME/ XP/ 2003.
WinPDF (738 KB) offers an easy way of creating high-quality PDF documents out of almost any windows application. The software installs a virtual printer named "Easy PDF Creator" which enables users to create PDF files and convert existing documents into PDF format though the print command. Numerous program options. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ NT 4.x/ 2000.
OpenOffice (63.5 MB). Fr'ee and possibly superior to MS Office. Over 16 million people have downloaded the software. Translations in more than 30 languages. Create dynamic documents, analyse data, design eye-catching presentations, produce dramatic illustrations, and work on databases. Allows you to publish in .PDF format and release your graphics in Flash (.swf format) without additional software. Files are compatible with MS Word and Excel. Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP, Mac O/S, Linux, Solaris.
PC SUITE (15.7 MB) is a free alternative to MS Office® compatible with Word/Excel files. The suite is composed of four full-featured applications: a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics editor and digital photo organizer. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000.
XemiCo Address Book (583 KB) is a contact manager for everyday use. Store all important contact details in one place. Main list view is searchable through all fields automatically, so finding a person is easy. Program's icon sits in the system for quick access. Freeware for Windows 98/ XP/ 2000.
EverNote (6.0 MB) is an app that stores all of your notes in one location. Capture and find all kinds of notes, including text, web, email, handwriting, image clips and more. Content is stored on an endless, virtual, time-stamped roll so you can jump to any date and scroll through your notes, without having to open them. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Go2PDF (261 KB) allows the conversion of MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, image and text files into PDF format with a simple click. Contains a high-quality PDF converter and generator with passwords protection, access control, scaling, version and compatibility control, font embedding options and more. Generated PDF files are small yet clear. Freeware for all Windows versions.

Web Browser Apps and Tools

Spacetime is a unique, 3D browser that provides 3D web and image search as well as 3D tabbed browsing. Websites and images are presented in visual stacks. Significant departure from regular web browsing. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista.

Advanced RSS Mixer Personal (2.6 MB) can combine different RSS feeds into one feed and upload it to your server. Handles multiple RSS feeds, has a built-in keyword filter, allows for multiple category feed sorting, etc. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2Kx/ XP. Freeware version limits the number of feeds that can be merged to five.
Lunascape v4.1.3 (7.4 MB) is an advanced tabbed web browser that has won legions of fans in Japan. Has an abundance of features, including a built-in RSS ticker, quality skins and support for a variety of plug-ins and toolbars. Uses both the IE and Mozilla Gecko engines to view web sites. Freeware for Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Flock 0.7.12 (9.5 MB) is an amazing web browser built on fast and secure Mozilla technologies. View/share photos in the browser photo bar. Receive fresh content automatically from your favorite websites in summaries that are easy to save and blog. Post to almost any blog with the built-in blog editor. Drag and drop photos or text snippets from any web site. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000.
SimpleFindBar 1.0 (170 KB) is a useful add-on for Internet Explorer that finds any text on web pages. Replaces the built in 'Find' dialog with an Incremental Search bottom bar. Type what you are looking for and the matched text is found and highlighted inside the page. Freeware for Windows XP/ NT 4.x/ 2Kx.
DebugBar V4.02 (590 KB) is an I.E. plug-in with a host of useful features, including html validator, http and dom inspector, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003. Requires IE 5.0+.
mirabyte Feed Writer (2.4 MB)is a RSS editor for creation of RSS feeds. It supports most RSS formats (RSS 0.91/0.92/2.0) and even Podcasts. Has an Excel import function, built-in FTP-Client as well as feed archive and validation features. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT 4.x/ XP/ 2000/ 2003.
G-Zapper v1.45 (591 KB) helps you stay anonymous while searching Google and works with I.E. 5.0+ or Firefox 1.5+. It reads the Google cookie(s) installed on your PC, displays the date installed, and determines how long your searches have been tracked. Allows you to delete or block Google from future installation. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Internet Explorer 7.0 (14.8 MB) - the latest and final 7.0 version of Microsoft's web browser with tabbed windows, phishing filter and more.
Submit'em Now Beta is a Firefox extension that adds a built-in database of 100 blog and rss directories that you can use for submitting your blog. Freeware. Requires Firefox -
Snarfer 0.5 (318 KB) is a new RSS feed aggregator and reader focused on speed, efficiency and ease of use. Also, includes a RSS Search Wizard that enables users to conduct complex searches on either eBay or Craigslist. Freeware for Windows XP or higher.
WebReaper (1.27 MB )is web crawler that can work its way through a website, downloading pages, pictures and objects that it finds. Sites can be saved locally as a fully-browsable website which can be viewed with any browser. Freeware for Windows XP.
GreatNews (914 KB) is a fast RSS feed reader that offers different view styles and that can read a group of feeds without you having to click-through individual feed items. Features include custom labels, email and blog integration, custom keyword alerts, import/export of feeds, automatic cleanup of old items, browser integration, etc. Freeware for Windows NT/ 2000/ XP.
Optimal Desktop (8.1 MB) is a 3-dimensional tabbed web browser, RSS Reader, file explorer and XML editor and publisher. Features include popup blocker, password recorder, toolbar and window customization, assignable keyboard shortcuts, powerful link sharing features, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ME/NT3&4/2k/XP.
News Jungle RSS Reader (1.87 MB) is a blog, news, and RSS reader that has an easy-to-use interface and built-in browser support. Pre-loaded RSS feeds allow you to view news and blogs from around the world. Other features include adding your own RSS feeds and keyword filters. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Merriam-Webster Toolbar (20 KB) adds a search box to the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser toolbar allowing you to look up words from a dictionary or thesaurus. Highlight a word on a Web page and click. Results display in a new browser window. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Webcow (171 KB) is a slick little tool that grabs links from websites or directory listings, filters them and downloads all. File size and content-type are configurable. Webcow has support for ftp, http, https, file, protected sites, redirects, cookies and proxy. Integrates into Internet Explorer Menu and has numerous parse methods, import and export functions. Freeware for Windows 9x/ 2000/ NT/ XP.
Cayman Browser (1.7 MB) is a fast, tabbed web browser with numerous features, including drag & drop, auto-fill, mouse gestures, links filter, speech and translation functions, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ XP. Requires I.E. 4.01+.
Blog Navigator (1.1 MB) makes it easy to read blogs on the Internet. It integrates into various blog search engines and can read RSS feeds from within properly coded websites. Freeware version fully functional except for functions that permit writing and editing blogs. For Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
KlipFolio (597 KB) is a free information and notification app that lets you configure and monitor a wide variety of real-time services on your desktop--like weather, stocks, breaking news, RSS feeds and auctions. The services are called Klips, and there are hundreds of them available at KlipFarm. Freeware for Windows 98/ NT4/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
A-ToolBar (2.4 MB) brings you 50 useful tools in one toolbar, including metasearch, desktop search, an RSS feed reader, Google PageRank and Alexa Rank, links manager, app manager, language translator, a PIM and much more. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
ExactSeek Toolbar (244 KB) is an Internet Explorer add-on that provides quick access to searches on ExactSeek, MetaWebSearch, and GoArticles. Features include spyware detection and removal, pop-up blocker, search word highlighting, Alexa site ranking detail, cursor search, drag and search, zoom in and zoom out, clear search history and cookies functions and much more. Freeware. Requires Internet Explorer 4.0+ and Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Turbo Favorites Checker (100 KB) fixes, deletes, and/or quarantines browser bookmarks that lead to 404's, 500's and connection unreachable errors. Works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape! Auto - updates. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ 2K/ XP.
Active Web Reader (675 KB) is a web feed reader (aggregator). Supports RSS feed formats 0.9x, 1.x and 2.x. Add your favorite feed URLs and keep yourself updated without having to visit the web-sites again. Freeware for Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP. Requires Internet Explorer 6 or higher.
SurfPics (1.7 MB) is an image search themed web browser that provides easy access to image search engines and image galleries. Search for images, graphic files, and pictures and find related links, subjects, images, and topics associated with the website you're viewing. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
NoTrax (2.11 MB) is a web browser that lets you Surf the Net anonymously. It cleans as you surf! NoTrax does not remember what sites you've visited! Erases the Cache during and after each browser session, cache held in memory, not disk, no information is stored on your hard drive and favorites are stored in encrypted format. Does not run Spyware, JavaScript or ActiveX. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP. Shareware $19.95.
PractiSearch (1.1 MB) is a unique search tool that simplifies the way you access online search engines and information resources. Allows you to start a Web search with a selected word or term, using a hotkey or a mouse click and works from within any application. Use it to look up text from e-mail messages, Word documents, etc. Supports many search engines by default, including Google, news sites, dictionaries, translations and more. You can also add your own entries to the list. Free for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
A-ToolBar (1.7 MB) combines 43 useful apps into the ultimate internet and desktop tool accessible from an attractive toolbar or from the system tray. Tools include web search, language translator, SMS message sending, news, sp@m remover, links manager, world clock, clipboard history, password keeper, weather forecast, stock quotes, ping, trace, DNS lookup, port scanner, Finger, Whois, link popularity, keyword density and more. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Favorite Start Page (104 KB) is a handy browser start page in dynamic HTML. Import/export your I.E. bookmarks to a single, dynamic HTML file which can be stored on hard disk or on the Web. Favorites are shown in a structure of expandable boxes which can be navigated without mouse clicks. Features include delete, drag and drop, customizable buttons, search, and CSS skins. Fr'eeware for Win9x/ NT4/ ME/ Win2k/ XP. Requires I.E. 5.5 or higher.
PhaseOut (1.8 MB) is a multi-tabbed browser with full clean up control, smart PopUp blocker, flash skin manager, photomail (send webcam instant pics), controller for full screen navigation, advanced search tools, favorites and history organizer, customized e-mails, parental control, system access prevention and much more. Freeware. Requires I.E. 5.5 or higher. For Windows 9x/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Urlbase (2.53 MB) is a powerful bookmark and favorites manager for all major browsers. It can import, export and synchronize your links from browser to browser, using an easy to use interface. The program includes options to export your links to HTML format or send your link collection to a friend via e-mail. Additional features include link validation, personal comments addition, keyword search, duplicate checker and custom interface options. Free for non-commercial use. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ NT4/ XP.
IEMate (381 KB) allows you to customize Internet Explorer without having to directly update the registry. You can use it to remove AOL or your ISP branding logo or to customize: the Window title bar, spinning logo, static logo, toolbar background, start page URL, download directory, and Web page save directory. In addition, you can access Internet Options, Organize Favorites, and reset Internet Explorer to the default settings. Freeware.
Privacy Defender (519 KB) protects your privacy at home and work by removing all the personal information which is stored in your Internet browser. Includes several key features such as preventing sites from changing your home page, clears all Windows secret index.dat files, removes Windows temp directories and recent files list, and more. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Avant Browser (810 KB) is a multi-window (tabbed) browser based on the Internet Explorer core that allows you to browse multiple Web sites simultaneously, blocks unwanted pop-up pages and offers additional mouse functions for faster navigation. Additional features include an integrated privacy cleaner that helps to remove surfing tracks and a built-in Google search engine. All your IE settings and Favorites are still available. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Newsgroup Commander Simplifies complex searches in Usenet archives. Features include message search by keyword, data and address extraction, built-in newsgroup reader, multiple include/exclude filters, keyword filters, automatic deletion of duplicate addresses and much more. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000.
JOC Web Spider (604 kb). Download websites FAST! and navigate offline. Save time and money. Uses project files to store lists of websites. Can filter by levels, external links, directories, include/exclude links, wildcards, etc. JOC Web Spider can also extract URLs from any text in the clipboard and email addresses from any visited web page. For Windows 95/98/NT. Registered version $29.95.
Crazy Browser (698 KB) is a powerful Web browser. Features include a tabbed interface that allows open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task, full Windows XP Theme support, Smart Popup Filter, P3P privacy policy support, on/off switch for multimedia data loading, built-in multiple engine searching. For Win 95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT 4.0+. Requires IE 5.0+. Shareware.
Site Inspector (12 MB ) a Web browser that combines the two most frequently used browser engines (Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Gecko) into one program. Its advanced web page analysis features make it the perfect companion for webmasters and web developers. For Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000. Freeware.
Window Washer (1.4 MB) cleans your browser tracks, including cache, cookies, history, mail trash, drop down address bar, auto-complete forms, and downloaded program files. Works with IE, Netscape, NeoPlanet, AOL, Compuserve, Opera and more! Can also clean Recycle Bin, registry streams, Windows Run history, recently viewed pictures and more. For Win9.x/2000/NT/ME/XP. 30 Day Free Trial. Shareware: $29.95.
Maxthon Browser (1.98 MB)is an advanced tabbed browser based on the IE core. Uses minimal system resources and has a highly customizable interface which supports skins, plug-ins, IE extensions and specific IE toolbars. Numerous other features. Freeware for Windows 98 and above. Requires IE 5.5 or better.
Email Warden v1.2 (284 KB) is an easy-to-install browser toolbar which generates email disposable email addresses for use on web sites that require email registration. Can be aliased to your real address and disposed of when no longer needed. Freeware for Windows XP/ Vista. Requires I.E. or Firefox 1.5+.

Netsplorer 1.0 (7.1 MB) is a unique RSS newsreader that scrolls clickable feed headlines directly onto the desktop. Uses minimal resources and allows users to control scroll speed, font style/ size/ color, background color, transparency, etc. Multiple instances of the software can be activated and individually customized, positioned and stacked at the top or bottom of the screen. Freeware for all Windows versions.
SearchStatus 1.18 (45 KB) is a toolbar extension for Firefox/ Mozilla that allows you to see how any and every website in the world is performing. Provides Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, Alexa incoming links, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo! and MSN for every site visited. Appears unobtrusively in the browser status bar.
FeedBeast 1.0 (1.7 MB) is a fast, quality RSS reader with an intuitive user interface a number of useful features. Freeware for Windows XP or higher.
IE7pro 0.9.10 (532 KB) is an add-on for IE 7 which adds numerous features to make the browser more useful, secure and customizable. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista Starter/ Vista Home Basic.
YeahReader 2.22 (2.3 MB) is a news and podcast feed reader supporting RSS, RDF and Atom feed formats. Features include a feed update system, proxy, OPML and multilanguage support, export function and a built-in blog client that allows posts major blogs. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2Kx/ XP.
FastTrackNews 1.0 (736 KB) is a portable RSS feed reader, blog client and news aggregator. Easy to use with a no-nonsense Outlook Express-like user interface. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
MozBackup 1.4.5 (896 KB) is a backup utility for Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite and Netscape. Backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
BlogBridge 3.0.1 (4.5 MB) is a news feed and blog reader. Subscribe to RSS feeds, sort through existing feeds or discover new feeds. Has a server-based service that lets you synchronize feeds across multiple computers. Freeware. Java-based. Supports multiple OS platforms.
CustomizeIE (25 KB) is a utility that allows you to add, edit and delete additional toolbar buttons and menu items in Internet Explorer (Version 5.0 and above). Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
NewsPiper (1.4 MB) is an RSS feed reader, news aggregator, web grabber and news ticker in one program. Monitor your favorite news sites, RSS feeds or blogs. Freeware for Windows 9X /ME / NT4 /2000 /XP.
Yahoo! Widgets Engine (11 MB) is a java-script runtime engine that lets you run small programs called widgets that can perform a variety of tasks. The default installation includes a Yahoo email checker, weather forecast, desktop photo frame, day planner, etc. More than a thousand additional widgets are available from the Widget Library. For Mac OS X and Windows 2000/ XP.
Internet Explorer 7.0(11.2 MB) is Microsoft's latest web browser offering. Features tabbed browing, an improved interface, RSS support, phishing filter, etc.
Enigma Browser (1.23 MB) is a super fast, tabbed Windows IE browser featuring a built-in pop-up killer, skinnable window frame, form filler, site groups, quick search, autologin, online translation, URL aliases, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
RSS Feeds Toolbar (401 KB) monitors RSS feeds and displays the latest 25 feed headlines in an Internet Explorer toolbar. Headlines are updated at a configurable time interval. A Read Button allows you to read the full text related to a headline. Freeware for Windows Me/ 2000/ XP.
ToolbarCop (62 KB) is a browser extensions manager which can disable or eliminate browser add-ons like browser helper objects, toolbars, toolbar buttons, context menu extensions, download managers etc. from Internet Explorer. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Links Extractor (278 KB) can search for, and extract, links (URLs or email addresses) from pages or files. Features include automatic links search and link save to html or text format. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Pluck (5.2 MB) is a browser-based RSS reader plug-in that integrates with the Internet Explorer toolbar and enables you to easily add new RSS feeds. Features include integrated web page management, publishing, RSS feed sharing and more. Freeware for Windows 2000 SP3 or higher, XP SP1 or higher and I.E. 6.0+.
View Source Editor (161 KB) allows you to use any text editor instead of Notepad to View a web page's source code in Internet Explorer. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP.
Aevita Web Ranking (700 KB) is a toolbar extension for Internet Explorer users that provides extensive search-related information about a site, including Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, Alexa incoming links, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Freeware for all Windows versions.
Wysigot Light (2.1 MB) is a browser that monitors any site or any file anywhere (web, ftp, LAN, local). Powerful tools allow you to capture, update, sort, compare, archive, and show anything new. An essential online/offline web browser and monitoring tool. Lite version is freeware. For all Windows versions.
MakoButton (363 KB) allows you to add custom buttons to the Internet Explorer toolbar which can be used to launch a web site, program or command of your choice. The app has a simple interface that allows you specify the file or web site to launch as well as the custom icon to be displayed in the toolbar. Remove or modify existing toolbar buttons as you wish. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
LittleBigBar (1.1 MB) is an all-in-one Internet Explorer Toolbar that provides quick access to searches on Google, Yahoo, eBay and more than 60 other search engines. Includes options to toggle images on/off, close all browser windows, frame source viewer and return results for queries on software, music, images, news, dictionary lookups, etc.. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
HijackThis (161 KB) is a homepage hijackers detector and remover used to find and delete programs which modify your browser default start and search pages. The program lists all installed browser add-on, buttons, startup items and allows you to view and optionally remove selected items. It can also create a backup of your original settings and be set to ignore selected items. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
My Secret Bookmarks (980 KB) is an alternative bookmarks program that allows you to surf the web and protect your privacy. Password protect the URLs you save. Works with Explorer and Netscape. Fr'eeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
MYIE2 (3.4 MB) is the most powerful and fully customized browser available. Opens multiple web pages in just one window and comes with numerous other features, including a tabbed browsing interface, mouse gestures, super drag&drop, privacy protection, 2 popup killers, google bar support, an external utility bar, skinning and much more. Fr'eeware for all Windows versions. Requires I.E. 5.0+.
SlimBrowser (1.3 MB) is a multi-site web browser with a tab-page interface based on IE 4.x or higher. Features include a recoverable pop-up killer, quick-search bar, seamless integration with online translation engines and most Internet Explorer tooblars, web page zooming and much more. Fr'eeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Trellian Toolbar is the most *feature packed* toolbar available online. While offering an endless array of functionality, tools and services, the program's unique intuitive tab menu and search functions are a pleasure to use. Freeware.
AccountLogon (1.95 MB) allows you to log on to all your Web accounts from a single icon in the Internet Explorer toolbar. One password is all you need to remember to gain access to all of your accounts. The program provides strong encryption and several security features. Functions with MSN Explorer, AOL and Avante. Freeware. For Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP and Internet Explorer 5 or later.
Site Popper (757 KB) is an automatic web page delivery system that automatically "flips" and "scrolls" through your favorite web sites. Features include auto popup killer, auto web page scrolling, auto network error detection, auto repair of failed or missing links, 24/7 site and network monitoring, and much, much more. Freeware. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ NT4/ XP and Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.
WebStripper (1.73 MB) is a fast offline browser that allows you to copy web pages or entire sites for viewing offline. The program offers several options to filter what is downloaded by file type/size, including a 'text only' option. Downloads can be paused/resumed at any point. Additional features include the ability to only download new or updated pages, keep a "What's new" list, a file explorer and more. Free for personal use. For Windows 9x/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
SurfSaver (5.33 MB) is a browser add-on that lets you store and organize Web pages directly from your browser into searchable folders. Shareware $19.95, free 30 day trial. For Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
AutomaticSearch (1.7MB) is a search-themed web browser that automatically finds links, subjects, and topics associated with the current website your viewing. It features an integrated search engine utilizing the popular engines (Yahoo, Google, Excite,, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, HotBot, WebCrawler, All the Web, Overture, Alta Vista, etc) and allows you to quickly switch among these search results using tabs. Freeware. For Win 95/98/Me/NT/ 2000/XP and IE 4+.
HTTrack (3.0 MB) is an easy-to-use off-line browser utility. Allows you to download a website from the Internet to a local directory, building recursive directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser and you can browse the site as if you were viewing it online. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
We-Blocker (2.5 MB) is a fully customizable internet filter that allows for multiple accounts and monitoring. Blocks porn as well as other categories using database and keyword to provide the safest possible surfing experience. Set up multiple users with individual restriction schemes (based on age etc.). Easy to configure and effective. Freeware, but requires registration. For Windows 9x/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
2xExplorer (390 KB) is an easy-to-use but powerful alternative to the standard windows Explorer. Combines the user-friendliness of the latter with the increased efficiency and advanced features of good-old dual-pane file managers like Norton Commander. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ ME/ XP.
AM-DeadLink (430 KB) detects dead links and duplicates in your browser bookmarks. If a bookmark has become unavailable you can then delete it from your browser. The program checks bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape. Freeware. For all versions of Widows.
Auto Web Browser (2.0 MB ) is a time-saving search tool. Just enter your search words and Auto Web Browser consults the major search engines, downloads the pages to your computer, and filters and analyzes them. It will then automatically crawl the web based on your search preferences, downloading other relevant pages. Found pages and an annotated report are available for offline preview. Freeware for Windows 2000/XP.
Firefox (5.0 MB) is a new web browser alternative from that offers tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, smart keyword searching, fully customizable interface and more.
CleanCache (349 KB) allows you to clean your Internet tracks, including IE browser cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, and index.dat files. It can also delete computer usage tracks like Recent Documents menu, Temporary Files, Recycle Bins and Outlook Express items. Cleaning can be done manually or automated. Donateware for Windows 2000/ XP.
Online Translation Helper (602 KB) is an easy way to translate any foreign web-site. Becomes a part of Internet Explorer. Translate any web-site with one mouse-click! Requires MSIE 5+. Freeware for all Windows versions.
Lektora (1.7 MB) is a RSS feed aggregator that integrates seamlessly with Firefox and Internet Explorer to enable easy reading of news feeds within a web browser. Offers an intuitive user interface and simplifies subscribing to, reading and managing web site news feeds, without sacrificing performance. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP while in beta testing.

Email Apps and Tools

Web Message Producer (16.8 MB) is a program that enables you to create talking web messages (with or without a photo, text message or video clip). Just paste a link in your message. No attachments necessary. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2Kx/ XP.

eMyEmails Organizer (1.4 MB) is a personal email accounts manager. Organize your email accounts, copy to clipboard, import, export with database password protection. No limit on categories or records. Modern interface and visual themes, Customizable interface, toolbars, shortcuts and more. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Stentor Newsletter (6.0 MB) is a program that provides all-inclusive e-mail communication campaign management. It includes an html editor, automatic unsubscribe operations, a reports and stats module, address inspector and contact database filter. Freeware version has some limitations. For Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Vemail Voice Email (236 KB) lets you record and send voice messages using ordinary email. Enter an email address and then press and hold down F6 while speaking. When you have finished recording, the message will be compressed and automatically sent as an email in .wav or mp3 format. Basic version is freeware for Windows 95/ NT4/ 98/ 2000/ Me/ XP/ 2003 but limited to 5 emails per day after 14 days.
Popp (350 KB) is a small, fast POP3 client that enables you to manage multiple POP3 accounts, access them quickly, preview messages and delete unwanted messages. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000.
Outlook Express Tweaker (428 KB) enables you to tweak and customize various Outlook Express settings. Define a custom Start Page, set a custom logo, disable the splash screen, block executable attachments and more. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Eudora (8.4 MB) is a very popular e-mail client. Features include message filtering, searching commands, integration with PGP, folders, customizable mail checking, dial-up support, MAPI support, and more. Three versions available - paid, sponsored and fr'ee. For Windows 98 or greater and Mac OS.
POPFile (5.7 MB) is an automatic email classification tool that works in the background scanning mail as it arrives and filing it however you wish. It can do simple jobs like separating out junk e-mail or complicated ones - like filing mail into folders. For Windows 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
PP MailCheck (1.6 MB) is an easy to use e-mail checker for up to 12 POP accounts that allows you to deal with email prior to downloading to your local email program. You can read, reply to and delete messages. PP MailCheck can notify you of new mails via sound alert, pop-up or as a balloon hint from the system tray. The program can also preview HTML messages and includes spam filter options. Available in multiple languages. Fr'eeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
POP Peeper (660 KB)is a utility that runs in your Windows task bar and alerts you when you have new email on any of your POP3, Hotmail, MSN or Yahoo accounts. You can also use POP Peeper to read and delete your email. Supports HTML email, so you can see your email the same way as you would in your email client. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Frontgate MX (1.2 MB) is anti-sp@m software program that offers unprecedented levels of power and control over what is allowed into your inbox. It integrates invisibly with any conventional POP3 email program (such as Outlook Express or Eudora) can be fully customized, so you don't even know it's there. Freeware. For Windows 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Poppy For Windows (337 KB) checks multiple POP3 accounts for new mail at regular intervals. Sits in the System Tray and uses the taskbar icon to indicate that mail is waiting. Can be configured to play a sound when new mail has arrived on any account and play a different sound for each account. Advanced features include a friends list, viewing e-mail headers, deleting e-mail messages etc. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ 2000/ XP.
Kookie Jar (1.1 MB) is a tool that generates signatures for use with your favorite email or news program. Signatures can include a random quote or tagline chosen from a file that you specify (samples are included). Apart from an optional random quote, the program can place many other pieces of information in your signature line. Signature layouts can be stored in a special template (sample included). For all versions of Windows.
SpamPal (390 KB) sits between your email program and your mailbox, checking your email as you retrieve it. Any email messages that SpamPal considers to be spam will be "tagged" with a special header; you simply configure your email client to filter anything with this header into a separate folder and your spam won't be mixed up with the rest of your email anymore! Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Clippy (73 KB) is a handy utility that strips and re-aligns the '>' characters appearing in emails, strips HTML tags, converts the case of letters, removes line breaks, counts the number of lines and words, searches and replaces text, and more. The program takes the text that you have copied to the clipboard, sends it through it's conversion engine, and returns the reformatted text to the clipboard. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
NetMail (4.6 MB) is a free email-client program that provides support and admin features to assist in managing multiple email accounts. It can also import e-mail addresses from any *.txt, *.dbf (DBASE), and *.db (Paradox) files. The "Mail Merge" options let you send personalized messages to multiple recipients. NetMail can also manage email lists, automatically remove duplicate addresses from a list and process unsubscribe requests. For Win 95/98/2000/ME/NT.
Solway's Multimail (519 kb). Send an email message to a number of individuals, so that they each receive a personal message (ie, not CC'd). Messages can have attachments. The message can also be in HTML format. For Win95/98/ME/2000/NT. Multimail is a freeware application.
ePrompter (681 kb) is a free e-mail notification program that automatically checks up to eight password-protected e-mail accounts for AOL, Hotmail, Juno, Netscape,, Rediffmail, Yahoo, POP3, and 100's of other e-mail domains--simultaneously. Features a primary message screen, a unique rotating tray icon, and a a screensaver that lets you know the no. of new messages in each of your accounts and gives you the ability to read and/or delete each message online or offline with the click of an icon. An audio prompt alerts you to new messages.
Advanced Email Parser (3.9 MB) is an email extraction utility that offers extensive features to help you easily get information from your emails. Comes with pre-designed filters, parsers, scripts and processors ready to be used so you can automate your email processing in lightning speed. Shareware: $149. 30 Day Trial. For Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
G-Lock EasyMail (2.6 MB) is a powerful group mailer which sends your message directly from your outbox to the recipient's mail server (without using any ISP's SMTP server). It gives instant confirmation of delivery by checking the address before it sends and can also give you confirmation that your message has been read. Features include a message editor, mail merge, fast & easy voice recording, easy-to-use address book, import and export of address book, multi-language spell checker and more. For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Reg. version $39.95.
Email Sentinel Pro (1.26 MB) can convert incoming html email messages to harmless plain text messages. Options include message backup, email attachment interception, whitelist creation and leaving html messages intact but removing images, nested scripts and html forms. Works with any standard Windows email program. F'ree trial. $14.95 to register. For Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
The eNewsletter Manager (8.55 MB) is an ezine management solution that allows you to send personalized messages and automatically manage subscriber requests. Only one pop and smtp mail account is required. Features include an html editor, html & text messages, multiple attachments, multiple mailing lists, resume interrupted operations, welcome and goodbye confirmation emails, ESMTP authentication, logging, easy database management, a backup & restore utility and more. Freeware edition for Windows 98SE/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
MailList Validator 2.0 (2.3 MB) is an email address validator. Also, determines whether or not certain addresses exist. Freeware for Windows 98 and above.

Reach-a-Mail (582 KB) is a USB based portable email client. All you need is a USB drive to receive and send e-mail from any computer without the need to install any software. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Voice Mail Compressor (647 KB) allows you to record and send voice email messages to anyone with an email address. It compresses audio file (wav, gsm or mp3) size by 10 to 16 times. No special software required to listen to messages. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2K3.
Voice E-Mail Pilot (1.2 MB) can create voice e-mails. The program supports compressing: 5 minutes of talk takes up about 300K. Use the program for email or as a voice notes manager. Automatically stops recording when you stop talking. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Sylpheed (5.3 MB) is a simple, lightweight, feature rich e-mail client with powerful search and security features, filtering and junk controls as well as multilingual support. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP.
Chat with Me Now (2.1 MB) is an add-on to Outlook or Outlook Express that lets your email recipients see when you are online and start chatting with you instantly. Supports video, voice and text chatting. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Steven (8.1 MB) is an advanced e-mail-checking system that validates the sender of an email message rather than scanning the message content. Steven does this by replying to all email it retrieves with a brief message asking the sender to validate the message sent to you. Validation is only necessary once. The program will also delete attachments automatically that might be harmful to your system. Fr'ee Beta version for Windows 98SE/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Sp@m Nullifier (4.0 MB) eliminates junk email, viruses, trojans and spyware. Works with POP3 & IMAP. Filters messages using a multiple criteria. Standard version is fr'ee. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
MSGTAG (1.1 MB) alerts you the moment your email message is opened and details when the message was sent, when it was viewed, and the delay time between sending and reading. MSGTAG works with almost all e-mail clients including Outlook, Incredimail, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Netscape. All the recipient sees is a small MSGTAG footer. Freeware. For Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Popcorn (180 KB) is a POP3/SMTP/ESMTP e-mail client free of useless bloatware features. Reads mail from a POP3server directly without downloading it to a local mailbox on your PC (although mail messages can be saved locally). Ideal for "on the road" mail access and for scanning, reading and sending mail over slow internet connections. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Mailbag Assistant (1.5 MB) is a powerful and user- friendly e-mail organizer that can search, organize and archive large message folders. Find relevant correspondence fast, extract attachments and HTML messages, create compressed email archives, export messages, and more. Supports Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, Pegasus, The Bat!, Forte Agent, Calypso, Poco, FoxMail, and EML message files. For Win 9x/2000/NT4/ Me/XP. Shareware $29.95. 30 day trial version.
StripEm (183 kb) is a freeware utility that removes the >>>'s from email messages and any other characters you choose which makes messages difficult to read. It's able to open and save email and text files and also gives you hidden information about sender, date, etc. For Win95/98/Me/NT/2000.
Mail Them Pro (938 KB) is a mass mailer and mailing list management application. It has a high performance built-in SMTP server, but you can also send email through your ISP at incredible speed. Other features include mail merge, automatic handling of subscribe/unsubscribe requests and bounced messages, HTML mail delivery and support for file import from Access, Excel, MS SQL Server and Windows Address Book. Shareware: $69.95. For Win95/98/NT4.x/2000/XP.
Advanced Email Locator (811 KB) is an email extraction utility designed for processing e-mail address lists to obtain detailed information on country of e-mail address registration, domain owner's name, address, and other data. With AEL you can also find out if an e-mail is hosted on a "Free email" server (HotMail, Yahoo, etc.). For Win 95/98/ME/NT/ 2000/XP. Trial version almost fully functional. Shareware.
PopTray (759 KB )is a full-featured e-mail notifier, with an easy to use interface. It can check an unlimited number of accounts with a different notification sound for each account. In the system tray, it shows the number of messages in each mailbox, using a color associated with the account. Preview or delete messages from the server without downloading them. User-definable rules allow you to filter messages and perform actions on the messages. For Win9x/NT4/ME/2000/XP Freeware.
MailWasher (1.55 MB) is an email solution that allows you to preview multiple accounts and your emails before downloading them. It also allows you to delete & bounce emails back to the originator as if you didn't exist. Other features include blacklist, customizable filters, multiple accounts, visual and auditory notification of new emails, and heuristic checking, which helps identify emails as normal, virus, possibly virus, possibly spam, probably spam, chain letter, etc. Free for Win95/98/Me/NT4/ 2000/XP.
Spam Weasel (1.2 MB) is a powerful spam mail filter app to add to your POP3 E-mail client software. Handles spam according to both objective and personal criteria, deleting or archiving it while placing an optional warning notice on any suspected spam mail it allows through to your mailbox. Suspect spam mail can be deleted before it even before it reaches your mailbox. Freeware. For Win 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ ME.
EmC (2.7 MB) is an anti-spam, anti-virus program that works with a combination of customizable filters and checks email while it is still on your ISP's server. Based on your filter criteria, it processes mail and optionally deletes all Spam or marks it for deletion. EmC also works as an email checker, allowing you to view messages on the server before downloading. In addition, it checks your mail for any script based viruses or other hazards before downloading to your computer. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ NT/ XP.
NewsMerge (7.8 MB)lets you create and manage mailing lists from your PC - without the need for a server! NewsMerge works with any standard email account and web server. Features include automatic subscribe and unsubscribe, scheduled email processing, and unlimited mailing lists and subscribers. Great for home and small business users. Freeware for Win NT/2000/XP/9x/ME.
Advanced Email Verifier (1.6 MB) is a powerful solution for the standard "message delivery error." Advanced Email Verifier verifies every e-mail address from a given mailing list, finding 80-90% of "dead" email addresses. For Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000. Reg. version $29.95.
Traffic Attractor - Mailing List Manager (2.5 MB) is a freeware tool to create, maintain and mail to a mailing list. Includes POP email address authentication.
Thunderbird (5.9 MB) is a full-featured, cross-platform e-mail and newsgroup client that makes e-mailing safer, faster and easier. Too many features to list. Freeware for Windows, Mac and Linux.
EZ Checker (349 KB) is a system tray app that checks for new email on different email account types and using different protocols. Supports POP3, IMAP, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Organizer Accounts. Features include sound alerts, blinking tray icon, separate message windows and more. Freeware for all Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Mail Box Dispatcher (980 KB). Delete unwanted messages from your mailboxes without downloading them. Auto-mark unwanted messages for deletion, accent messages by color, and receive new message notifications by playing a sound or flashing a tray icon. Launch an e-mail client or execute command-lines directly from the program. Provides multi-language support. Freeware - non-commercial use. For Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.

Desktop Apps and Tools

PastePerfect (836 KB) is a simple clipboard utility that makes it easy to store and retrieve commonly used items while writing emails and documents. Anything that passes thru the Windows clipboard goes thru PastePerfect and can be archived for later use. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.

Netjaxer (1.26 MB) is an easy way to integrate web 2.0 applications into Windows. Create a desktop or quick launch icon. Load any web page when Windows starts and run it as a tray icon. Freeware for Windows 98 and above.
PhraseExpress 3.1.6 (1.35 MB) is a utility that allows you to quickly copy and paste frequently used text phrases from a taskbar icon into any Windows application. Reduces repetitive typing. Can also launch programs, files or email messages and insert dynamic variables. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
TextMaker Viewer (4.2 MB) enables you to open, view and print documents created in MS Word, Pocket Word,, OpenDocument and TextMaker without the respective programs being installed on your computer. Freeware for Windows NT/95/98/2000/Me/XP.
TED Notepad 5.0.1 (177 KB) is a true plain-text editor similar to Windows Notepad but with more text-processing functions, tools, hotkeys and clipboards for advanced editing. Freeware for Windows NT/ 2000/ XP/ Vista.
Cool PDF Reader (672 KB) is the world's smallest PDF viewer/ reader to view, print, and convert PDF files to txt, bmp, jpg, gif, png, wmf, emf, eps. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ NT.
PDF Text Reader 1.1 (3.5 MB) is a utility that can convert most PDF files to text. Has a built-in text viewer and works independent of Acrobat and all Adobe products. Freeware for Windows 98/ NT/ 2k/ Me/ XP/ 2003.
XSearch (195 KB) is a muti-featured search tool that can search files on your computer in high speed. Has numerous search and file operation options not offered by Windows Search and can search files in hexadecimal, unicode or UTF8 format. Freeware for Windows 98 and above.
Synergy 1.3.1 (924 KB) lets you share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware. Freeware for Windows 95 or higher, Mac OS X 10.2 or higher and Unix X Windows version 11 revision 4 or up.
Verbose (192 KB) is a text to speech program which can read aloud any text or save it as mp3. Assign a system wide hot key to read the text on your screen aloud. Works within I.E., Word, Outlook and almost all other text based programs. Different voices are available. Freeware for 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/Vista.
Inzomia Image Viewer (936 KB) is a fast zooming image viewer. Offers fullscreen mode and a number of layouts for different types of work. Can also show zip and rar image archives and has XML support for custom solution integration. Freeware for non-commercial use. Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Optimal Desktop (8.5 MB) is the ultimate Tab Browser/RSS Reader. Access Web, RSS, desktop files and folders. Features customizable 3D tabbed interface; RSS reader; XML editor and publisher; file viewer and file filters; toolbar and menu builder; Internet password playback; pop-up blocker; keyboard shortcut manager; and mobile desktop (USB version). Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Chaos Manager (1.27 MB) is a slick, compact organizer that includes an appointment/ to-do manager, calendar, contacts and notebook. Features include password protection, print/ import/ export, customizable interface, etc. Also has built-in FTP synchronization feature to exchange and sync data with another program install. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
NetPicker (1.0 MB) allows you to drag highlighted text or images from your web browser and save them on your computer. Has an option for adding notes, as well as an HTML editor. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
ClipDiary (311 kb) is a handy utility that runs on Windows startup and records everything you place to the clipboard into a database. You can view clipboard history and copy items back into the cache memory or even paste them into applications. Data can be recorded in plain text, RTF or as .bmp images. Freeware for Windows 98 and higher.
Hidden Menu (382 KB) is a customizable toobar menu for launching programs. Hides off-screen when not in use, but appears as soon as you move your mouse to the bottom right of your screen. Supports drag and drop and comes with a stylish, black interface with mouseover effects. Other features include optional locking of entries, windows parameters and more. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
AcronymGenie (487 KB) is a searchable database of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms drawn from the world of computers, and the internet. View and search abbreviations and expansions using a host of options. Launch it anytime as a quick reference from the system tray. Freeware for 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Info Angel (2.35 MB) is a personal information manager (PIM) that combines a notebook, contact manager, organizer and Bookmark Manager into a single interface. Manage daily notes, create a database of contacts, organize your time, store links, and much more. Shareware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Enhanced Virtual Desktops (1.3 KB) allows you to have up to 9 virtual desktops that you can switch between from the system tray. Additional features include an option to move apps from one desktop to the other and to show all open apps. Shareware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
TrayDevil (70 KB) is a small system tray minimizer, shutdown, restart, logOff and locktool. Perform system commands using your mouse or a combination of mouse and a selectable key (Ctrl, Shift or Alt). Fr'eeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Everest Dictionaries beta (715 KB) consists of 35 dictionaries in this download - including standard, synonym, and acronym variants, in many languages. Fr'eeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Clipboard Magic (907 KB) is a Windows clipboard enhancement utility that runs from the system tray. Can store multiple items from a single character to several pages of text. Features text drag and drop, clip editing, sorting and hotkey support. Fr'eewware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Clipboard Express Pro (286 KB) provides 100 storage spots for clipboard information. Drag and drop or cut and paste with the click of one button. Easily see what's on the clipboard for quick reference. Shareware. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Meazure (3.2MB) is a handy utility that can measure objects on the screen such as images, windows and icons. It also allows you to capture arbitrary portions of the screen, magnify the screen up to 32X, display rulers on the screen, display a grid overlay on the screen with adjustable grid spacing, measure in pixels, points, twips, and centimeters and much more. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Desktop Sidebar (4.6 MB) integrates with Microsoft Outlook and docks to the screen edge to provide instant access to important daily information. Displays appointments, tasks and e-mails, as well as news, weather, & stock data downloaded from the Internet. Panels can be arranged by adding and removing or moving and grouping. Freeware. For Windows 2000 or XP only.
WinGuard Pro Free (535 KB) enables you to lock down certain programs, windows or files on your computer with a password. Also allows you to lock down the Desktop, My Computer Icon, and the Shutdown menu. Fully configurable with password time delays, screen blanking, etc. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
PhraseExpress (1.06 MB) is a keyboard macro utility which manages all frequently used text phrases from a taskbar icon and allows you to paste them into any Windows application. The program is ideal for letter templates, signatures, addresses, bank account information and for internet chat phrases. In addition, powerful macro functions can launch programs and perform programmable actions. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
AllChars (473 KB) provides a quick, easy-to-remember way of creating accents like é Ü ç î æ and special characters like ƒ ² ‰ © £ ± ß ° 1/2 ¿ « » ™ „ in most Windows programs. The program can also help you save time by creating macros for repetitive tasks and functions. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Any Password (519kb) is an easy-to-use freeware tool that can store and arrange all your passwords, UserIDs, and related information in tree form. The program saves this information in encrypted files which can be password protected. Any Password an also generate random passwords with specified parameters.
StarGate (984k) is one of the coolest tools we've seen and an indispensable time saver. This easy-to-use tray application can instantly launch any program, URL or e-mail address. Drag and drop new links to the hide away docking window that pops into action when needed and access shortcuts and the "My Documents" folder from your desktop with a click of the mouse when other Windows cover them! Popup lists are auto sorted into alphabetical order for fast and easy location of your links and programs. For Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Shareware.
TurboNote (510kb) is a versatile, free sticky-notes program and great way to keep yourself organized. Features include printing, the ability to send notes across a TCP/IP network, and advanced appearance options. Web addresses, programs, and files that appear in notes can be opened just by double-clicking on them. Freeware with option to purchase (omits registration reminder messages and sponsor captions).
ToolBar 2000 (234 KB) is a small utility that lets you launch your favorite programs from the Windows desktop. Click the left mouse button to launch an application or the right button to define a new ToolBar button. Organize your programs 16 button groups. For Win 95/98/ME/XP/ NT/2000. Free to try, $25 if you decide to keep it.
Gymnast (1.45 MB) converts text files to Adobe Acrobat PDF format without the need for Adobe software. Supports hyperlinks, annotations, and automatic generation of bookmarks from headings. You can even include links to Web sites and other PDF files! Freeware. After downloading the evaluation, use registration key GYM03-35672-11110-33170 for full functionality. For Win 9x/2000/XP.
Lupas Rename (342 KB) is a powerful program developed to rename a large number of files. A highly rated application with too many options and features to mention. Freeware. For Windows 95/98/2000/NT.
QTbar (874 KB) is a small application bar that can be docked to any edge of your Windows Desktop and that gives you single-click access to your hard disk and internet resources. Access custom-defined Internet links and open every Web site in a new browser window. Open local folders, subfolders, favorite applications, documents or send e-mail. Easily copy, move, compress, and decompress files using drag and drop. Features auto-complete, a "go" button, and folders. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP.
PowerPro (1.7 MB) is a compact and powerful launch bar, menu, and tray icon program. Run programs using tool bars, tray icons, hot keys, mouse actions, menus, timers and a scheduler. It also gives you control over program windows (closing, minimizing, maximizing, rolling-up to caption, minimizing to the tray, etc.) and provides a range of utility functions. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000.
PDFproducer (19.5 KB) is an easy-to-use tool that can convert any text file into a PDF document. Just select the input file, specify some optional details (keywords, subject title) and the name of the output file. Freeware. For all Windows versions.
Stick 2.5 (3.0 MB) uses ScreenTabs, or tabbed windows that attach to the edge of your screen. Highly customizable with a plug-in architecture. Take notes, browse the web, navigate your hard drive, download RSS feeds, etc. Freeware for for Windows XP and later.

The webCollect toolbar (1.97 MB) enables you capture content from webpages in a variety of ways with ease. Capture an entire webpage, including the unseen portion, or selected portions of a page in rectangular or custom shapes. Other functions include a magnifier and eye-dropper for color selection. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2K/ XP.
Post2Blog Express 2.10 (3.8 MB) is a desktop blogging client that can be used to edit and update entries in your Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, MovableType blogs. Has built-in images uploading support. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000/ 2003.
ClipGuru 1.7 (720 KB) is an easy-to-use clipboard enhancer that lets you save and use an almost unlimited number of text and image clipboard captures. Freeware for Windows 98/ 2000/ XP.
PS Hot Launch 1.1 (711 KB) is a hotkey utility that enables applications to be launched with a single keypress. Free for all versions of Windows.
M8 9.70 (2.7 MB) is a clipboard program. Run it minimized and it captures everything you cut or copy from other programs. It keeps the last 30 clips. To paste, click the clip you want. Use for text and graphics. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ Vista.
Mobysaurus Thesaurus (5.0 MB) is a comprehensive - 30,000+ roots and 2.5 million+ synonyms - feature-rich, off-line thesaurus with a simple interface, fast wildcard search, cross-referencing, WordWeb support, etc. Freeware for Windows 98+.
Note-It (3.2 MB) is a sticky notes program that lets you place notes on your desktop or minimize them to icons. Features include text drag and drop, transparency control, store images in a note, spell checking, keyboard shortcuts, hyperlink detection, etc. Postcardware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2K3.
Rainlenda (971 KB) is a customizable calendar program. Features include a todo-list, hotkeys, skinning, iCal file support, different appearance for different events, Windows transparency support, multiple language support, Outlook appointment display, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
DVYGUN Smart Search (1.5 MB) is a fast desktop search tool for emails documents, media files, pictures, contacts and web-browser data stored on your PC. Found items shown with context related citation. Freeware for Windows 98 and above.
Yagoon Time (1.6 MB) is calendar software and a time organizer. Uses the iCalendar standard and can publish and subscribe to calendars on the Internet or local network. Supports printing, fast searching, drag and drop, unlimited undo and redo, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
JetStart (685 KB) offers quick access to categorized Start Menu shortcuts, recently launched programs and system commands. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Tidy Start Menu (918 KB) is a simple, handy utility to help organize the Windows start menu into 9 major categories such as Games, Utilities, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT4x/ XP/ 2000.
Polyglot 3000 is an automatic language identifier that can quickly recognize the language used in text, a phrase or a single word. Freeware for for Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
CSVed (549 KB) allows you to edit CSV files with any separator. The CSV file contents are displayed in a list view window that allows you to easily edit, add, insert, delete and move items as if they were in a database table. Other features include row and column deletion or addition, column re-ordering, duplicate removal, file repair, built-in search, search and replace, export to XML and more. Cardware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Clipboard Recorder (391 KB) is a small, highly optimized tool for recording information copied/cut to the clipboard. Supports RTF text, HTML, CSV, Bitmap, Meta file and Embedded Object. Includes four easy ways to access records and supports transfer of clipboard data between computers. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Dexpot (1.6 MB) increases the area of your screen by up to 20 times. It creates several Virtual Desktops that allow you to work easier and faster with many open windows. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Sheer Notes (478 KB) allow you to add semi-transparent to-do lists and reminders to your desktop. Notes windows are fully resizable and offer text style features. Save selected text to disk in RTF format. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Hilitext (728 KB) is a text highlighting utility that highlights all occurrences of found words, phrases etc. in your web pages, e-mail messages and/ or other documents to help you find information and save valuable research time. Shareware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000.
HotKeyZ (961 KB) is a keyboard utility with hotkey control for executing other files, folders or RUN commands. Launch apps in normal, minimized or maximized state. With HotKeyZ you can categorize all your hotkeys, assign icons to every hotkey, paste text into any edit box, launch program files, folders, documents, pictures, MP3's or playlists, shutdown your PC, reboot etc. etc. Fr'ee for home use. Requires Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
JetToolBar (1.7 MB) is a customizable toolbar that you can use to launch your favorite apps. Docks to any edge of the screen or auto-hides. Organize shortcuts into tabs for easy access. Launch files, web sites, applications, documents etc. and set custom icons for each for easy recognition. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
GhostTyperXML (1.9 MB) is a program for anyone who spends a lot of of their time at a computer. Repetitive texts, e-mail addresses, signatures, and hyperlinks can be stored as entries in GhostTyperXML and activated by pressing a key when required. Freeware version included in download. For Windows 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
SecureIT Pro (724 KB) locks your computer when you're not there. The program comes with a ton of features. It can disable the Windows boot keys, detect for cold boots, allow other people to leave messages, log incorrect password attempts, or even hide itself every few seconds. For Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Map of Chars (233 KB) replaces the standard Windows charmap and extends its features. Select color, size and style of font, copy a set of chars with fontstyle as .rtf into a word processing program or copy a set of characters with fontstyle as HTML with special character converting. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ ME/ 2000/ NT.
PrestoNotes (2.0 MB) lets you create virtual notes on your desktop. You can hide/recall notes as needed. The program starts automatically and is stored in the system tray of the taskbar. Each note is easily accessible and can be personalized (image, color, font, with title bar or not, with scroll bar or not, always on top or not,...). Alarm function included. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Starter (435 KB) is a free, highly configurable utility for managing your windows startup. You can choose which programs are allowed to run when Windows is starting up or disable an annoying application with one mouse click. Terminate an unwanted or hanging process or even a Windows service. For all Windows versions.
Xanadu (2.3 MB) is a free language and translation wizard that can translate words terms and texts right from your desktop into/from over sixty languages. Find translators, read the latest language news, locate specialised glossaries and more. Translating text is as easy as highlighting it and pressing a hotkey on your keyboard. The program works within your browser, your word processor, email program or any other windows app. Freeware. For Windows 9x/NT/ME/2K/XP.
Yankee-Clipper III (1.1 MB) is a super powerful Windows clipboard extender. Handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc - any size. Features include printing, drag and drop, no size limits for "clippings", optional permanent storage of clippings, a familiar "Outlook" interface and more. Shareware. For Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.
Wizmo (36 KB) is a multi-purpose utility that provides an array of single-click functions missing from Windows. It can power down your system's displays, activate your screen saver, change or mute the audio volume, restart, reboot, or shutdown your system, and much more. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
GSplit (1.2 MB) is a free powerful file splitter that lets you split large files into a set of smaller files that can later be re-combined to restore the original file. Includes advanced features for safely splitting and restoring files. Freeware. For all versions of Windows.
iISystem Wiper (406 KB) is a file cleaner that removes temp files from your system. Includes built-in plug-ins for AOL Instant Messenger and WinZip that allow you to clear log files on those programs. Runs in the System Tray and can be configured to wipe the system clean on shutdown. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ 2000/ XP.
Cfont Pro v2.1 (4.2 MB) See what you're missing by not viewing all your fonts at once. This advanced font manager is a must have for anyone that would like to preview fonts, fonts with a color scheme, font properties, or just play around with a design and use a new font. Shareware. For Windows 9x/NT/2000/Server 2003.
Gurunet is an answer engine, the ultimate online reference library with quick accurate dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, bios, tech terms, news, sports, weather, and much more. Just Alt-click on any word in any Windows application to get a quick definition or explanation. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT4.x/ 2000/ XP and Mac OS X.
ClipCollect (1.1 MB) is a clipboard manager, formatting editor, note database and website builder. It allows you to take text snippets from the clipboard, format them, aggregate them, edit them, save them to a database and then convert that to html and create a website. Freeware for Windows 95 to XP.
A43 (721 KB) is a freeware file management utility for Windows 2000/ XP. Features include an attractive interface, dual pane view, quick launch, favorite buttons for often used folders, built-in zip compression, text editing, and file search.
ShortcutsMan (36 KB) displays details about all shortcuts on your desktop and in the start menu. Broken shortcuts are shown with a pink color. Select one or more shortcuts, and then delete them, resolve them or save the details to a html/ text/ xml file. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Cactusus (21 KB) is a nifty little app that offers an alternative to the more common sticky notes programs so widely available. Text notes are written directly to the desktop and can be edited, deleted and dragged and dropped. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP. Requires the MS .NET Framework Redistributable.
FKeys (224 KB) controls your Function keys. Choose an action for every "F" key : open internet page, send e-mail, open any file or application. On Windows 2000/XP you can't use the F12 key. Freeware for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/ XP.
PersonalReminder (448 KB) is a very small but handy reminder tool that stays in the tray-bar. It handles daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and one-time reminders. Freeware for Windows 98/ XP/ 2000/ ME.
Qlock (650 KB) is a powerful, simple, small and stylish World Clock featuring custom skins, customizable alarms, multiple clock faces and locations for 500 cities worldwide. Freeware for for Windows 9x/ 2000/ NT/ XP.

Communication Apps and Tools

Meetro 1.0.1570 (3.7 MB) is the first location-aware IM client and real-time social network which means you can interact with real people in your area. Combines the best features of messengers and social networks together with location. Can even import your MySpace information. Supports chat on AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, and GTalk. Freeware for Windows 2K/ XP/ 2003.

Instan-t (6.8 MB) is an instant messenger multi-person messaging app with video chat which communicates with ICQ, AOL, AIM, MSN and Yahoo. Chat with users from any IM client in the same chat session. Freeware for Windows.
ALFTP v4.1 Beta 1 (2.4 MB) is an easy FTP client for beginners with a speedy interface for power-users. Upload and download files, share files with friends, edit files directly on servers, drag and drop, etc. Freeware for Windows 98 and above.
Network Magic 3 (6.7 MB) monitors and repairs your network, allows sharing of printers and files, provides wireless network security and gives you access to your computer from anywhere.Freeware version for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP has fewer features than the full version.
Logc (97 KB) is a command line tool that allows you to merge multiple web log files (from different sites) into a single easy to use file. It supports compressed and uncompressed files. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ XP/ NT/ 2Kx.
Tango DropBox (980 KB) allows you to upload files and folders without launching an FTP application. Simply drag and drop files on to the Tango DropBoxes you create on your desktop. Easy setup and you can create unlimited Tango Dropboxes. Freeware for Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 Server. Requires
DKMessenger (11 MB) is a free peer-to-peer messenger with video, Voice Over IP, text chat, and file transfer capabilities. If you have a microphone and a camera hooked up to your PC, it can also work as a free videophone. If no microphone is available, the chat aspect of the program can be achieved through Text-to-Speech (TTS) synthesis, which speaks the text of messages typed by your buddies. All this happens in real time and as fast as you type. DKMessenger also supports Application Sharing. Fr'eeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Check4Me (3.7 MB) can monitor an unlimited number of web sites, FTP folders, FTP files, local folders and files for changes. The program can automatically check for, and report on, changes covering intervals between 1 minute to several days. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
eXpress IP Locator (238 KB) is a small offline utility for determining country information from IP-address, viewing IP-address blocks allocated for specified countries and finding the country by code or code by country. Freeware. For Windows Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
FTPEdit is one of those handy little freeware programs that you can't do without once you've tried it. It allows you to edit your web pages in a Notepad-like environment and save them on your FTP server as if it was your hard drive. Simple macro language with support for multiple accounts & most UNIX variants. Get the free or shareware version, with additional features, FTPEdit here.
Stay Connected! (1.6 MB). This disconnection stopper dials your ISP automatically and simulates Internet activity so your connection does not drop due to inactivity. Also resumes broken connections automatically for all dial-up networking ISPs and AOL. Wide compatibility with major ISPs like AOL, NetZero, MSN, CompuServe2000, Prodigy and AT&T WorldNet. Shareware. 21 days fully functional trial. For Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000.
FTP Navigator (640 kb) lets you upload and download data or delete one or more files, including whole folders along with subdirectories. The transfer interface window shows what percentage of files has already been uploaded or downloaded. FTP Navigator has numerous useful features, including a context sensitive menu, drag-and-drop, auto resume for file transfers, directory synchronization, manualinput of FTP commands and is compatible with Proxy, Firewall, Sockets 4, 4.5 and 5. Thirty day trial version. Shareware.
WS-FTP Home (690 kb) is a great application that allows remote file edits, chmods on UNIX boxes and file moves. WS-FTP has been around a long time and is still a top-rated FTP app. Shareware $39.95. Free 30 day trial.
SmartFTP (300 KB) is an advanced, feature-packed, easy to use FTP client for Win 9x/ME/2K/NT. Too many features to list here. Free for personal use.
WebSite Extractor (640 KB) is one of the fastest known website downloaders available today. Gives you complete control over downloads from individual servers, folders, URLs, and files using keywords. Can download many websites at one time. Free trail. $29.95 registration fee.
WinVNC VNC (563 KB) is a remote display system which allows you to view a computing desktop environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures. Requires free registration. For all O/S.
Shuttle FTP Suite 3.3 (1.3 MB) is a nine-in-one utility that includes an FTP client and server, a TFTP client and server, Telnet, finger, whois, ping, traceroute, time and date-time utilities. It can also upload files to multiple FTP sites. Shareware ($25 and worth it) for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ 2003/ XP.
Thingamablog (3.6 MB) is a blogging app and RSS feed reader that allows you to publish your own weblog without the need of any html knowledge or the use of third party services. Publish your blog directly to a ftp server or specified network location. Includes professional template designs and allows you to track XML/RSS feeds with the integrated feed reader, as well as generate a RSS compatible version of your own blog and import entries from RSS/Atom feeds. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/2000/ XP. Requires Java 1.4 or higher.
Miranda IM v0.6.8 (1.1 MB) is an open source instant messenger client that supports AIM, Jabber, ICQ, IRC, MSN, Yahoo etc. Uses minimal memory and requires no installation. Can be run from an USB memory stick or floppy disk. Over 350 plugins available. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ Vista.

CrossFTP 1.34a is a multi-tabbed GUI FTP client that uses an explorer-like interface and has numerous features, including drag-and-drop, recursive file transferring, image viewer, online editing, filtering; auto-reconn, etc. Freeware for Windows 98+, Unix, Linux and Mac. Requires Java 1.4+.
Web Site Publisher (868 KB) is an intelligent FTP publishing tool which can upload the web site you develop on your computer to the web. Make changes on your computer and it updates just those sections of your website that have changed. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP.
FileZilla 2.2.26a (3.4 MB) is a powerful FTP/ SFTP client that includes a site manager to store connection details and logins and an explorer style interface that shows local and remote folders. Supports firewalls and proxy connections. Features include keep alive, auto ascii/binary transfer, download queue, manual transfers, raw FTP commands, etc. Freeware - all Windows versions.
FTP Wanderer (215 KB) is a multi-threaded FTP client with the look and feel of Windows Explorer. Features include drag and drop upload/ download, customizable user interface, folder transfers, simultaneous connections, remote folder bookmarks, resume support, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2K/ XP.
Google Talk (924 KB) enables users to talk or send instant messages to friends. Calls are made through your computer using the latest voice technology. All you need is an Internet connection, a microphone and a speaker or a headset. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000. Requires a GMail account.
SimpleDesktop (16 MB) provides fast and easy access to a remote computer. The unique screen navigation interface makes full screen or windowed remote easy. Server and router IP address upload ensures long term remote access even on DHCP dynamic-ip internet connections. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2K3.
Skype (7.6 MB) is a program that enables you to make calls anywhere in the world. Uses innovative P2P technology to connect you with other Skype users. Download, register, plug in your PC headset and you're done. Excellent sound quality and secure connections with end-to-end encryption. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP.
SWatch (606 KB) is a server monitoring app. Installs small icons in your system tray and you can then monitor an unlimited number of servers and services with it. Small but useful. Fr'ee for non-commercial use. For Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ XP.
AWStats (826 KB) is a powerful, feature rich log analyzer that generates advanced web (as well as ftp or mail) server stats, graphically. Works as a CGI or from command line and shows all the information your log contains in few graphical web pages. It can analyze log files from IIS (W3C log format), Apache log files (NCSA combined/XLF/ELF log format or common/CLF log format), WebStar and most of all web, proxy, wap, streaming servers (and ftp servers or mail logs). Fr'weeare.
Core FTP Lite (1.94 MB) is a fr-e-e FTP Client with SSH/SFTP, SSL/TLS, browser integration, site to site transfers, drag and drop support, file viewing, file editing, transfer resuming, firewall support, custom commands, URL parsing, and much more. Also, provides a secure way (via SSL & SFTP) to upload or download files from FTP servers. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
MyVitalAgent (1.38 MB) offers complete end-to-end visibility into the components of your network path, whether you access the Internet via DSL, cable, or dial-up. It shows data transmission speed, modem connection speed and compression rate, email performance, FTP connection performance, RealPlayer and more. Additional features include a connection log, long term performance graphs, connection error tracking and general network stats. For all versions of Windows.
Webserver Monitor (40 KB) is a simple, free tool that allows you to monitor the status of your web server. Very easy to configure. For Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Freeware.
TweakMASTER (1.3MB) is a new generation Internet optimizer that promotes faster Internet download speeds by tweaking hidden Windows settings. Ideal for all Internet connections, including dial-up, cable modem, DSL or satellite. Supports all Windows versions as well as AOL 5.0/6.0/ 7.0. Shareware.
AceFTP2 (2.0 MB) is a free, powerful, easy-to-use, twin-pane FTP file manager for transferring files between your PC and a Web server. Open several FTP sites easily, execute multiple file transfers concurrently, preview files with the built-in viewer, resume broken transfers and more. For Windows XP/Me/NT4/2000/98/95.
3d Traceroute (927 KB) is a full blown 3D traceroute program allowing you to visually monitor internet connectivity. 3D graphs can be manipulated by rotation, zoom and several other options. Individual traces can be recorded and played back for detailed investigation. The program also provides statistical displays as well as trace history tracking. Freeware. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
FreeFTP (1.2 MB) is a file transfer protocol program that supports 10 different languages, allows for multiple file drag & drop, saves all URL, password & ID information, supports group file send, receive & delete, checks for duplicates, and has many other features. Requires MSVBVM50.DLL runtime which can be downloaded from the same download site. For Windows 9x/ 2000/ NT.
RightFTP (750 KB) ia a FTP client with a wide range of features, including Drag'n'Drop file transfers, Drag'n'Drop file/ directory moving, site manager, firewall support, quick connect, multi-threaded data transfers and much more. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000.

Internet Apps and Tools

WiPeer (4.3 MB) enables file sharing, chatting, game playing and collaboration between 2 or more Wi-Fi enabled computers. Ad-hoc networks can be formed anywhere without reliance on hot spot availability or 3rd party infrastructure. Use on planes, buses, trains, etc. Freeware for Windows XP.

RSS Screensaver (2.7 MB) lets you subscribe to multiple RSS feeds, select a directory for background images and then view /navigate through feed items. Supports multiple feeds, formats and customization. Freeware for non-commercial use.
Pictures Toolbar (631 KB) allows you to automatically download images from a page and then view them as a slideshow in the browser window. Images are saved as galleries in a a folder of your choice. Numerous other options. Freeware. Requires I.E. 5.5+ and Windows 98/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
IMVITE (154 KB) is a multi-instant Messenger with video and audio chat that supports all major chat platforms, including MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and ICQ. Also, provides support for RSS news feeds, has a built-in Google search and features worldwide PC-to-PC calls. Freeware for Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
G-Zapper (567 KB) helps you stay anonymous while searching Google. Protects your identity by blocking and/or replacing the Google search cookie. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT3/ NT4/ 2k/ XP.
ShowIP (505 KB) is a small tool that shows your current IP-address. Runs in the system tray and displays your computer name and IP address when double-clicked. Also displays the external (WAN) IP address, useful if you are running behind a router. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Internet Owl (1.1 MB) watches websites and lets you know when they have changed. Notification of changes is provided by email, popping up a window, or by playing a sound of your choice. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003.
SearchAlyzer (2.2 MB) queries search engines and compiles the results into an "interactive book" with chapters, an index, and pages. Clicking on chapters shows groups of related pages and related index words. Clicking a word in the index shows the most relevant pages for that word. Clicking a page shows other related pages and also shows the most relevant index words for that page. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
Tristana Reader (1.2 MB) pulls news, blogs, podcasts, media files and online content directly to your desktop. Easy to use 3 panel interface allows you to add or remove content at any time. iPod friendly, built-in search function for newsfeeds on the Web. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2Kx/ XP.
SharpReader (814 KB) is an RSS reader that handles all RSS versions. Allows you to group subscribed feeds into custom categories, filter items and drag and drop feed links. Minimizes to the system-tray and has plug-in support. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
FeedExplorer (3.7 MB) is a RSS feed reader with a nice interface that allows you to organize your feeds into categories and select from different display styles for your headlines. Has a built-in browser, integrated search function and a keyword watcher option. Other features include OPML import/export and system tray notifications. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
FirstStop WebSearch (1.4 MB) is a fully customizable, meta search engine utility that searches multiple search engines and web sites simultaneously. Features include background downloading, random or sequential viewing of results, sorting by column headers, results saved as XML or HTML files, keyword history searches, third party search sources and more. Fr'ee for non-commercial use. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Delete Doctor (150 KB) removes difficult to delete files such as those left by viruses and trojans, or corrupted files. Can also delete "index.dat" and similar files which store Internet history. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Easy Message Express (258 KB) is a unified instant messenger that provides support for ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL all at the same time. Small download with small memory size. Features include multiple simultaneous accounts, MSN style notification windows, chat emoticons, rich text formatting, enriched online status, mail notifications, typing notifications, hyperlink support, integrated contact list and more. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
CCleaner (1.2 MB) is a freeware optimization tool that quickly removes unused and temporary files from your system. Files removed include: IE cache, history, cookies, index.dat; recycle bin, temp files, log files, recently opened URLs and files, third-party application temp files and recent file lists. Includes files from: eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Office XP, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR and more. The program also has an advanced registry cleaner to remove unused and old entries. For Windows 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Firefly Softphone (1.8 MB) is an Internet Phone program with instant messaging and voicemail that allows you to talk to friends anywhere in the world for fr'ee, using the Internet and Firefly software. The people you call need to have FireFly software installed. Easy to use interface. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
MereSurfer 2003 PopUpStopper (786 KB) stops pop-ups, fixes web bugs, removes banners, erases Internet activity tracks and protects you from DoS attacks. Uses Artificial Intelligence to block all known kinds of bad pop-ups. Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Fr'eeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
w.bloggar (1.7 MB) is a Windows desktop interface to post your blogs to various online blog services. Use a word processor-like interface to create your blog entries, add pictures, links and preview posts before uploading. The program supports import of text files, color coded HTML tags, spell checking, posting to multiple blogs and much more. Requires MS IE 5.01+. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner
(1.1 MB) detects numerous spyware, adware, trojan, keylogger and trackware components. The scanning process is very fast and tells you how to uninstall the invasive spyware or puts you in contact with the spyware developer for the most up-to-date and safe uninstall instructions. Fr'eeware for all Windows versions.
All in One Secretmaker (854 KB) is a powerful tool that includes a sp@m fighter, pop-up killer, cookie eraser, history cleaner, privacy protector, banner blocker, and a worm hunter. Secretmaker does not disturb surfing and blocks unwanted pop-up windows, reduces advertising banners, and cleans up hard disks. Requires I.E. 5.0 or higher. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Host Evaluator (383 KB) is fr'ee software that analyses server connection speed over time, tests for server uptime and alerts you if the server is not responsive by system alert and/or email. Features of web hosts can be added in a wizard type format for comparison. The program can assist in determining the best host, based on attributes like storage space, bandwidth, cost, e-mail, support, redundancy, features, connection speed and uptime. Outputs a table listing the hosts best suited to your needs. For Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Trellian Toolbar is the most *feature packed* toolbar available online. While offering an endless array of functionality, tools and services, the program's unique intuitive tab menu and search functions are a pleasure to use. Freeware.
MP3-Wolf is an advanced audio searching tool, developed to search the internet and spider web sites for hard to find audio files. Try it FREE.
Pop This! (1.5 MB) is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-popup program that works directly from within Internet Explorer, preventing popups before they are displayed and loaded. Easy to use and offers some configuration options from the IE tool menu, including an option to exclude certain domains and prevent sites from resizing your browser window. Freeware. For Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
AnalogX Proxy (269 KB) is a small program that allows you to share your Internet connection with several computers. Supports web browsing (HTTP/HTTPS), file transfer (FTP), mail (POP3/SMTP), news (NNTP), and even Socks4/4a for AOL, AIM, MSM, etc! Freeware. For Windows 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000.
STG Cache Audit (1.5 KB) is an advanced cache, cookie and history viewer that allows you to investigate web surfing habits on a local machine. You can set filter words and instantly view sites that relate to certain keywords, sort the results by different criteria and create a detailed printable report from the results. Results can also be exported to text, HTML, CSV or as an Excel file. Freeware. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
System Security Suite (840 KB) removes internet tracks and junk files from your computer. It allows you to delete Cookies, clear Internet Explorer Cache, delete index.dat files, clear Typed URLs, Windows Temp Folder and much more. In addition, the program allows you to view and optionally remove programs that launch automatically at Windows startup. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
SpywareBlaster (503 KB) prevents spyware from being installed by disabling the CLSIDs of popular spyware ActiveX controls. Also prevents the installation of any of them via a webpage. The SpywareBlaster database contains information on known spyware Active-X controls and can be updated with the click of a button. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
NoAds (215 KB) is a program that detects when Internet pop-up advertisements appear and quickly closes them. NoAds is fully configurable, allowing you to specify which ads you want destroyed automatically. It fully supports most popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera and America Online. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Naviscope is a powerful Web Accelerator and complete package of Internet Tools. Acceleration is achieved through five advanced techniques, including advertisement blocking. The program can block cookies, backgrounds, blinking text, Javascript, and sounds. A SiteMapper is included that allows navigation of a web page before it's even displayed in your browser. Naviscope also shows Web activity as you browse and allows you to perform Internet diagnostics. For a limited time, the program is FREE.
On-Hold Domains Questor (310 kb) is the ultimate tool for uncovering both "on hold" and "expired" domains. The program allows you to easily and quickly find only the domain names you're interested in. Shareware. Not cheap but worth it if you are looking for good domain names.
KeyWallet (1.4 MB) is a tool that can fill just about any user/password form login out there automatically. It is browser independent, easy to use, your data is encrypted, skinnable and free! For Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000.
Modem Booster (1.6MB) is a web accelerator that makes your 56kbps modem blaze almost like a DSL without the high price of DSL! Modem Booster optimizes your Windows Internet connection settings for more speedy Web browsing, smoother online games, faster file and web page downloads and emailing. For Win 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000. Shareware.
AD-aware (655 kb) is a free spyware removal utilitiy that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware parasites and allows you to remove them. The program can be set for scanning depth or automatic modes from the preferences menu. The following advertising systems are detected: Adware, Alexa, Aureate v1.0,2.0 and 3.0, Comet Cursor v1.0 and v2.0 Cydoor, Doubleclick, DSSAgent, EverAd, OnFlow, Flyswat, TimeSink v1.0 and v2.0, Web3000 and Webhancer.
PostXpert Free (1.0 MB) Turns your computer into a large scale Usenet news posting machine. Use it to simplify the process of organizing and sending newsgroups posts. Pro ver. costs $79.95. For Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000.
METoolBar is the ultimate internet and desktop tool bringing you more than 20 useful tools in one program. Tools include searching 40 different search engines at once, free SMS, spam remover, language translator, latest news, links manager, apps manager, agenda with world clock, clipboard history, ping, dns lookup, trace, port scanner, finger, whois, submit url, url info, link popularity, position analysis, keyword density. Freeware. For Win 95/98/2000/NT 4.0.
JOC Web Finde (573 kb) is a fast and efficient tool for searching the Web. Enter any word, text or question, click a button and JWF will check all configured search engines, finding web pages related to the text entered. Results are returned almost instantanely and can be viewed in a Web browser or exported to a text file or a comma delimited file. JWF can be configured to remove duplicate URL's and filter unrelated results in many ways. Supports boolean operators. Fast, compact, easy to use and best of all FREE! Win95/98/NT.
KillAd (42 kb). Kills popup windows automatically. Highly customizable, light on system resources and fast. Freeware for Win 9x, Windows NT. Supported browsers: Netscape Navigator 3.x-4.x, Internet Explorer 3.x-5.x, Opera 3.x.
Fresh Download (1.4 MB) is an easy-to-use, very fast download manager program that turbo charges downloading files from the Internet, such as software, mp3 files, video files, picture collections, etc. This software is 100% free, no charges, no banners in the software and no spyware. For Win Me/9X/NT 4.0/2000/XP.
AdIeFiltr (532 KB) suppresses ads and popup windows, increases Internet speed, and adds other useful features to Internet Explorer. For Windows 95/NT. Freeware.
AI RoboForm (902 KB) is a one-click web form filler and password manager with Artificial Intelligence that works with I.E. 4.0+, Netscape 7.0, AOL 5.0+ as well as other browsers based on Internet Explorer. A wizard helps you create an identity that includes all usual form data. Shareware. For Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Easy Message Express (235 KB) is a unified instant messenger that provides connectivity for ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL from a single interface. Features include support for multiple accounts, MSN style notification windows, chat emoticons, rich text formatting, enriched online status, POP3 mail notifications, typing notifications, hyperlink support and more. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
SpyBot-S&D (4.9 MB) is an adware and spyware detection and removal tool. SpyBot also removes certain advertising components that may gather statistics and detects various keylogging and other spy utilities. In addition, it also securely removes PC and Internet usage tracks, including browser history, temporary pages, cookies and more. Freeware. For all versions of Windows.
Check Page Load (45 KB) is a simple program that can quickly check the load time of your web pages. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Zango Messenger (3.1 MB) lets you communicate with people on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ through a single application. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000.
Link200 (2.5 MB) can determine the validity of websites stored in Internet Explorer's favorites folder. Websites are automatically checked online and a status report generated. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2K/ XP.
MoreGoogle (383 KB) is an add-on for Internet Explorer that adds preview thumbnail images to your Google search results. Thumbnails are inserted directly into the Google search results whenever a Google search is performed. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP and I.E. 5.0+. Requires a reboot after installation.
HttpTrafficGen (315 KB) is a http traffic generator for testing web applications. You can specify the requests count and interval between two requests. Generated requests are sent to the specified URL. A simple, fast program that can simulate client activity. Freeware for Windows 9x/ 2K/ XP/ 2003.
Lab Scanner (1.45 MB) is an easy to use utility that is able to retrieve local and remote IP address details as well as information about your Windows IP configuration, ethernet adapter and PPP Adapter. It can also extract IP addresses from a given host and trace the ping and route to them. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
MYweb4net Browser (1.0 MB) is a tabbed IE-based web browser that can run in the systray and that incorporates a number of powerful features, including built-in popup killer, skinned window frame, form filler, site group, quick-search, auto login, hidden sites, online translation, filtering and much more. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
DeluxeFTP (250 KB) is a fast, multi-threaded Windows FTP client. Features include Explorer look & feel, custom FTP commands, connection wizard, dockable windows, an enhanced site manager, drag & drop support, concurrent downloads, folder bookmarks, resume support and automatic retry. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2Kx/ XP.
Web-Email-Cloaker (194 KB)is a simple tool that cloaks html email addresses to prevent harvesting by sp@m spiders. Addresses display correctly but are unreadable by email-hunting robots. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
ooVoo Beta (8.8 MB) is the video equivalent of Skype. Have video calls with up to six people at once, send video messages, chat or transfer files. Requires a webcam and headset. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista.

ALPass v2.7 (4.6 MB) allows you to store logins and passwords in an encrypted database and automatically login to web sites and email. The program is portable and can be copied to a USB drive or iPod. Freeware for all Windows versions. Requires I.E. 5.0 or higher.
Internet Window Washer (748 KB) is a privacy cleaner that allows you to erase common Internet and computing tracks, including browser cache, cookies, visited websites, typed URLs, recent documents, index.dat files, etc.. It supports MS Office tracks as well as Firefox, Netscape, Instant Messengers and dozens of 3rd party applications. Also includes an option to overwrite deleted data multiple times. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Nakido plugin (195 KB) allows you to share files with anyone. There are no file size limits and you can share files in e-mail, icq, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, using Nakido download links. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Juice (6.6 MB) is a podcast reader that can download and organize audio content from various online sources. Includes a content archive that you can choose from to get started. Add custom URLs or auto check for new content. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP, Mac OS/X.
Digital TV 2050 (1.1 MB) allows you watch hundreds of TV channels and radio stations from around the world. Supports multi-monitors and 3 Display modes. Streamed Television to your PC. No additional hardware necessary. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
Pugnax (1.0 MB) is an internet page watcher that informs you when the content of a webpage changes. It can scan any number of websites into any number of user defined categories. Has 4 different scan modes, can be set to autoscan and minimizes to the tooltray. Freeware for Win 98/ ME/ 2K/ XP.
OutPosted (545 KB) detects changes on your favorite sites and emails the sites to you as actual web pages, fully formatted. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Gizmo Project (9.4 MB) uses advanced VoIP to allow you to use your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to Gizmo users anywhere on earth. Free Voicemail and Conference Calls. Super clear call quality. Inexpensive add-ons like Call In and Call Out allow calls to any telephone on the planet. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP and Mac OS X 10.3.9 +.
Find Junk Files (1.6 MB) frees up disk space by finding and deleting well over 165 types of known junk files. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Ki-Washer (150 KB) is an Internet and PC cleaning utility that erases all traces of your internet browsing and PC activitiy to improve system performance and security. Highly customizable with a list of in-built basic wash options which can be easily extended to clean any folder/registry you want either by using custom or pre-made plug-ins. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ NT4.x/ 2000.
X-Cleaner (572 KB) detects and removes spyware, adware, keyloggers and adult content from your computer. Also, shreds files permanently and can inform you if outsiders are spying on your keystrokes. Freeware version for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
IE Privacy Keeper (1.3 MB) is a fast browsing history cleaner for Internet Explorer. Automatically cleans up all traces of your Internet activity at Windows shutdown, start up or when the last window of Internet Explorer is closed. Has a secure deletion feature to prevent data recovery. You can specify custom files and registry keys to delete. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ XP/ NT 4.x/ 2000.
Phonotics Alert Engine (939 KB). Receive instant alert messages about stock prices at Yahoo, mortgage rates at Wells Fargo, local events at Ticket Master, political news updates at Washington Post, etc. Configure to receive any content of your choice as soon as the information you are searching for becomes available. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Ad Nuker (2.75 MB) embeds itself in the I.E. toolbar and uses intelligent filtering to block popup ads, e-mail spam, spyware, adware, trojans, viruses, and spyware cookies. Block all popups and spam or allow only the ones you want to receive. Works with pop3 and imap. Freeware for Windows.
Help Me Find Site (312 KB) is a utility that helps find new sites all over the world. Enter a word which describes a subject and the program touches accessible variants. If a site with such name exists, it will be marked in green color. Convenient for site and subject searches. Fr'eeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Smart Popup Killer (1.14 MB) blocks unsolicited pop-ups, pop-unders, web page dialog ads and Messenger popup sp@ms. Resides in the system tray. Other features include a hotkey to temporarily allow popups, automatic cleaning of cookies, an allow list and sound notification of blocking. Compatible with IE5.0+. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
12Ghosts Wash (1.6 MB) removes history, cookies, temporary cached files, index.dat files and the typed-address list in most browser types. Many Windows options, as well as most-recently-used menus are wiped. Washing can be extended to include any user defined item such as personal files, folders, file types and individual registry keys and values. Other features include a pop-up killer, boss key and shredder. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Image Wolf is an advanced image searching tool, developed to search the internet and spider web sites for hard to find image files or quickly find thousands of your favorite images. Try it FREE.
12Ghosts Popup-Killer (1.54 MB) blocks pop-up windows opened by Internet Explorer, including those opened automatically by a script and links that open a new window. Includes a boss-key and a history cleaner for Internet Explorer that removes history, cookies, and temporary cached files, as well as Windows history lists and temporary files. Free for personal use. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Golden Phrases (421 KB) is a analyzing utility that scans specified log files to retrieve all search phrases used by your visitors to find your website through search engines. It gathers search phrase statistics and determines the position of your site on search engines for every phrase. Its unique "Perspectivity rating" technology also allows you to find which keyphrases were not used. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Free Agent (2.4 MB) is one of the most popular Usenet newsgroup readers available. The Free version is currently bundled with the licensed version. After downloading, you can use the shareware version free of charge for 30 days after which it expires and the program reverts to the free version. For Windows 9x/ ME/ 2000/ NT.
PicoPhone (50 KB) is a simple Internet phone application with chat. Allows multiple concurrent calls, has chat functionality, delay control, silence threshold control, works well with NAT routers. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
KeeBook Creator (4.6 MB) brings personal publishing to your desktop. Simply drag and drop images, txt or doc, files, movies, spreadsheets, sounds, etc. from the Web or your desktop. The result is a virtual book, with a table of contents and searchable index and content that's instantly organized into chapters. Publish your virtual books on the Web or share them with friends. KeeBooks can be read in any standard browser. Shareware.
TimelyWeb (1.2 MB) monitors WWW & FTP resources and alerts you when those resources change. Dynamically generated web pages can be checked for changes using smart content analysis. When changes are detected, TimelyWeb can open the web page in chosen or default browser, download the file to your computer, send e-mail notification or just show you a message. It can also be used to monitor site uptime & notify you if the site goes down. For Win95/98/NT 4.x/2000/XP. Freeware.
FreeWire is a free program that allows you to share files with millions of other users across the world. FreeWire uses the popular Gnutella protocol to allow you to search for and share music, video, pictures, software, and any other type of files you have. For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
NetPuller (1.5 MB) is a fast, easy to use, accurate internet searching tool. It queries the major search engines and filters out thousands of irrelevant results not useful to you. NetPuller can also search for specific properties of HTML tags, including META tags. Sorts results by URL/Engine/Title. A Search Engine wizard allows more search engines to be added. Freeware.
Web Accounts Plus (3.2 MB) allows users to maintain credit card, frequent traveler program, and web account information for free. Information can be password protected for security and the application can be accessed from the system tray. Freeware for Windows 95/98/NT.
Gphone (1.5 MB) is an IP to IP based Internet phone that is very easy to use. All you need to know is the other person's IP address to connect to them and start talking over the Net for free. Supports dynamic DNS services, custom ring tones, logging and more. For Win 9x/NT/2K/ME/XP. Free registration.
FreeSurfer mk II (1.6 MB) is a pop-up window killer with 2 modes - Natural Mode which doesn't interfere with new window openings & automatically removes popups and Strict Mode which allows new windows only if you press Ctrl or Shift while clicking a link. FS keeps track of all stopped pop-ups and their URLs. It also has a panic button that stops all browsers and pop-ups. For Windows 98SE/NT/2000/XP. Freeware. Requires I.E. 5.0.3314 or later.
NeoNapster (1.0 MB) is a free file sharing program based on the Gnutella protocol. Similar to Napster and Morpheus, NeoNapster gives users the ability to search for, download, and share music, videos, software and more with millions of others.
Quick Zip (3.3 MB) is a free archiver that can open and extract 19 kinds of archive including zip without using external programs. Basic features include extract, add, sfx, run, install, checkout, virus scanning, multi-extract and more. Freeware. For Win9x/NT4/ME/ 2000.
Lockjar (2.3 MB ) is a program that lets you select the cookies you want to keep and eliminates the rest. It monitors Cookies planted in your system and interrogates any changes made. Cookies are placed into one of 3 categories: Spy Cookies, Suspects, and Edible (OK). Only for IE. Win 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP.
Trillian (2.3 MB ) is everything you need for instant messaging. Connect to ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC in a single, sleek and slim interface. For Windows 95/98/ME/ 2000/NT/XP. Freeware.
WebKey2000 (265 KB) allows you to visit your favorite websites at the touch of a keyboard button. You can also launch applications (even works with shortcuts), open an email template, and a whole lot more. Freeware. For Windows 95/98/ NT/ME/2000.
Eyeball Chat (2.2 MB) takes your standard messenger and adds a video component. Now, you can see who you are talking to on the other end, as long as they are using a Web cam. This utility carries a contact list and offers an easy way to find other users who have the client installed. Supports AIM, MSN and Yahoo! Messengers. Freeware for Win 95/ 98/ 2000/ Me.
Cogitum Co-Citer (455 KB) is a tool for creating collections of texts from the Internet. It automatically captures the selected text, its Internet address, its title and date of adding to the database. Also allows you to add comments, sort records, search collections, publish a collection as a web page, send a collection via email, etc. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ NT. Requires I.E. 5.0 or higher.
Xnews (696 KB) is a Usenet newsreader featuring quick and advanced filtering options, support for multiple servers, remappable keyboard and more. Subscribed newsgroups can be organized in folders for easy navigation. Xnews also offers header caching, permanent archival of messages and support for binary attachments. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
UltimateZip (3.4 MB) is a powerful zip/unzip tool that supports 16 archive types (Ace, Arj, Cab, Lha,Rar, Tar, GZip, Zip, etc.}. Features include Zip and Mail, shell integration for fast zip management, full drag and drop support, self extracting zip archives, multi-disk spanning, strong encryption, checkout, install, zip repair, favorites, and more. The program also offers a Wizard interface for simple compressing, updating, decoding, and extracting. Freeware. All Windows versions.
PopUpCop (401 KB) is completely customizable. Choose what techniques and technologies to block, from blocking nothing to turning off images, Java applets, ActiveX controls, JavaScript, and 15 other potentially annoying techniques. Requires Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP and Internet Explorer 5 or above. Free 30 Day trial. Shareware.
The-Ad Police (453 KB) is an easy-to-use ad, banner, dialer, spyware, adware and bad cookies blocker. It needs to be run only once and will then block 14,000+ known ad-servers/ black-listed servers from any windows application that uses HOSTS file. Freeware for all Windows versions.
Web Tracks Eraser (559 KB) is a tool that clears all internet activity data from your computer with one click. Freeware for Windows 98/ME/NT4.x/XP/2000.
The eNewsletter Manager (8.55 MB) is an ezine management solution that allows you to send personalized messages and automatically manage subscriber requests. Only one pop and smtp mail account is required. Features include an html editor, html & text messages, multiple attachments, multiple mailing lists, resume interrupted operations, welcome and goodbye confirmation emails, ESMTP authentication, logging, easy database management, a backup & restore utility and more. Freeware edition for Windows 98SE/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
eePire (7.7 MB) is a program that can find expired domains based on various criteria, including all 3-letter domains, all 4-letter domains, dictionary search, DMOZ, Yahoo, Google, Keyword finders and Keyword Generator. Also supports custom lists that you can create. Freeware. Should work with any 32 bit Windows O/S.
Trellian Traceroute (1.5 MB) allows you to see how many servers your website is passing through before it gets to your computer, informing you if there are any problem/slow servers and even gives a ping time for each server in the path. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000.
IM2 (3.0 MB) - An instant messenger program that lets you talk to AOL, AIM, IRC, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo IM users. Secure, skinable and completely versatile. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
PhishGuard (3.1 MB) is a simple software service for computers running Windows and any version of I.E. 4.0 or greater. It harnesses the collective observations of Internet users to detect and rapidly disable Internet "phishing" or "spoofing" attacks. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT4.x/ XP/ 2000.
Active Server Watcherr (482 KB) is an easy to use tool that periodically checks given Internet resources and notifies you when they become unavailable. ASW can monitor Web pages and scripts (CGI, ASP, PHP, etc.) You can define a list of resources you wish to monitor. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
IMGiant Instant Messenger (13.9 MB) is a new instant messaging client that lets you unify all your screen names from AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and IRC in one tabbed chat window. Includes a xml/rss ticker feed. Freeware for all Windows versions.
RSS2html (6.5 KB) is a PHP script that can convert RSS feeds to HTML. The rss2html.php script allows webmasters to display RSS feeds on their website.
TV (1.0 MB) emulates regular television on your PC using high speed broadband. Watch hundreds (300+) of live worldwide channels. Freeware for all Windows versions.
TrafficEmulator (340 KB ) generates IP/ ICMP/ TCP/ UDP traffic from clients to server to stress test servers, routers and firewalls under heavy network load. Small, fast and easy to use. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003.
HTMLAsText (26 KB) is a utility that converts html documents to simple text files, by removing all html tags and formatting the text according to your preferences. Freeware for Windows.
Binjet (770 KB) helps locate and download millions of pictures, music, video, games, software and other files posted to the Usenet. Use a Web browser and Binjet search engine to choose files, then Binjet will access multiple servers in parallel and use unlimited number of parallel connections when downloading. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2Kx/ XP.
Blog Navigator (1.1 MB) is an easy-to-use program for browsing blog sites. Uses RSS feeds as its input and supports many different types of sites. Includes features for reading blogs offline, as well as putting different blog sites together to create customized browsing preferences. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000.

Graphics Apps and Tools

Jpeg Enhancer 1.8 (5.4 MB) is a simple, powerful program that lets you restore images damaged by low-quality jpeg compression. Uses a unique technique to remove "jpeg artifacts" and the "blotchy look" from images quickly and effectively. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT 3.x/ NT 4.x/ XP/ 2000.

GIF Palette Changer 1.0 (620 KB) is a utility for quickly modifying the palette of any gif image. You can also preview and batch modify palette colors. An ideal tool for Web site and application developers. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT 4.x/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
ColorMania 2.4 (621 KB) is an advanced color picker utility for web designers, graphic artists and developers that supports various color models and is able to pick colors from anywhwere on your screen. Freeware for all versions of Windows.
WebShot (1 MB) allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or entire websites. Includes a command line interface for advanced users. Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP image formats. Freeware for Windows XP.
EffexShop (3.3 MB) is a program that specializes in creating photoshop type effects on an image. A must have for image editors, web designers, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2K/ NT4/ XP/ 2003/ Vista and Mac OS 9.0 or above.
HC Image Editor 2.0.4 (2.7 MB) provides twenty-three image filters and features conversion of image formats, an advanced system of color administration, zoom lens, mirrored tools, etc. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
PictureGirdle 1.3.1 (61 KB) re-sizes image dimensions and reduces image file size. Simple to use and can handle 100s or 1000s of images at a time. Also can convert jpg, bmp, gif, png, wmp, and tiff images into any of these formats. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP. Requires .Net Framework v1.1.
Instant Eyedropper 1.501 (451 KB) is a utility that will identify and automatically paste to the clipboard the color code of any pixel on the screen with just a single mouse click. Freeware for Windows Win NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
PhotoFiltre (1.7 MB) is a simple and intuitive image retouching program that rivals many commercial pavkages. It offers all the standard editing features as well as a large selection of image effects, photo masks, image adjustments, thumbnail browser, etc. Freeware for non commercial use. Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
PC Image Editor (5.3 MB) is a user friendly graphics editor. Edit bmp, gif, jpg, tiff, pcx, png, tga, and j2k images. Features include copy, move, delete, and rename; photo color adjustment; filters; rotations and transformations; image resizing; etc. Freeware for personal use. Windows 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Image Analyzer (1.9 MB) is an advanced image editing, enhancement and analysis program that reads/writes numerous image formats. Features scanner and printer support, built-in filters, morpheological operations, resize, rotate, crop, warping, etc. Also has plug-in support. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Image Forge (6.0 MB) provides a set of powerful tools for painting and editing images, photos or other graphics. Features include clipart brushes, soft brushes, scatter and spatter, special effect filters, twain scanner & device support, crop, enlarge, resize, resample, skew, rotate, etc. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
SimpleOCRE (9.3 MB) converts scanned documents to text files or Word documents. The program scans and analyzes text and displays a spell checker view that allows you to correct spelling errors. Freeware version works with printed documents and includes a trial option for recognition of handwritten documents. For Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
SmartMorph (850 KB) is a graphic utility that allows you to morph one picture to another or create funny effects using only one picture. Other features include image resizing and cropping, animation output as avi video, animated gif or sequence of bmp, jpg, mng, png or pcx images and filter and color correction functions. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Isaac (3.9 MB) creates animations, rollover effects, interactive tools, menus, site intros, etc. by manipulating images through a visual interface and without writing code. Produces html files that can be copied into your web sites. Freeware for Windows NT4/2000/Me/XP.
PhotoRazor (1.35 MB) is a photo editing program that makes small, high quality copies of large photos. Process folders of photos with one button-click. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000/ 98/ ME/ NT.
Viewer (3.2 MB) is a fast image viewer with slide show. Nice interface. Features a thumbnail viewer, shell toolbar and basic image compare. Supports all major graphic formats. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2K/ XP.
ColSel (546 KB) is a color selector utility. It can provide the color code of a selected color in several different formats and has numerous other functions. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT 4.x/ 2000/ 2003/ XP.
Gradient Text (240 KB) is a handy app that allows you to create cool gradient text for your website. Options include set start/ end colors, font name and size and preview. Freeware for Windows 98 and above.
Visere (2.9 MB) is one of the fastest image viewers available with an intuitive and user friendly interface. Besides basic image editing such as: cut, copy, paste, crop, and undo, Visere easily renames, converts, and prints multiple files. Other features include a measuring tool, slideshow display, lossless rotation and emailing of pictures. Shareware with free trial. For Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Merge (938 KB) is a graphic utility for overlaying two images in any relative position prior to saving the result to a file. You can merge the two images in different ways. Fade out one image and fade in the other or smoothly blend in just part of a source image to the final result. Supported image formats are bmp, jpeg, png, tif, tga, and pcx. Freeware for all Windows versions.
FastStone Image Viewer (2.5 MB) is an image browser, viewer, converter, and editor. Features include resizing, renaming, cropping, color adjustment, watermarks, and a broad array of other image-managing features. Also offers a batch-image converter and resizer, a magnifier, and a built-in slide show with more than 60 transitional effects. Supports all major graphic formats. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2003.
FontList (70 KB) lets you create an html file that shows all the fonts installed on your computer in browser format. You can also change the predefined sample text, exclude seldom used fonts from the list, view the character map of a font, create a print out of all your fonts and more. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
PixGrabber (3.8 MB) is a handy image viewer and a powerful tool for image archiving. Images can be collected from the Internet, hard drive, CDs, etc. in manual or auto mode. In auto mode images are added to a database without user input. Also, features meta-search for 7 of the most popular image-searching engines. For Windows NT/ 2000/ XP. Freeware version has some limitations.
HoverSnap (328 KB) is a small, but powerful, screen capture utility that can capture the entire desktop, the active window or custom areas on the screen and save the image to jpeg, gif, bmp or png format. Additional features include integrated FTP upload and support for layered windows. Runs in the system tray and screen captures can be triggered via keyboard shortcuts. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Interactive JPEG Optimizer (1.0 MB) can compress JPEG images singly or in batches. Visually see the effect of compression. Also has tools for cropping, resizing, controlling contrast/brightness and color balance. Use Hotkeys to show and hide tool windows, view original and optimized images side by side. Shareware with free 30 day trial. For Windows 98/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP.
Image Enhance (292 KB) is an image editor that features support for bitmap and JPEG images, webcams, digital cameras and scanners. Digitally enhance your images by applying different filters and effects, like sharpness, contrast, grayscale, invert, logaritmize, find edges, old photo and more. You can also design your own filters. Fr'eeware for Windows 95 or later.
iView (864 KB) is an image viewer with support for BMP, JPG and TGA formats (Open and Save) - and GIF, PIC, TIF, CUT, PCD, PSP, PDD, PSD, RLA, SGI, RLE, PCX and some other formats (Viewing Only). Easy browsing of images, TWAIN support, and a slide- show function with variable delay and loop. Shareware with free 21 day trial. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000.
ScreenPrint Gold (1.3 MB) is a screen print and capture utility. Capture or print full screen, active window, or any user-defined area. Other features include an image viewer, quick-save and autodelete, print with date/time stamps and captions, image editor and more. Fr'ee for Windows Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ SE/ NT4/ 2000/ XP. Note: Also includes a 30-day trial version of ScreenPrint Platinum 4.7.
DIMIN Image Viewer (576 KB). Supports numerous image formats and includes panoramic photograph tools, an image navigator and special effects tools. Multi-language support. Fr'ee for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
PicSizer (3.23 MB) is a handy utility for resizing images. Images can be resized in batches and previewed from an easy to use slider. Reduced files are saved to a different directory, so original pictures remain unchanged. PicSizer also allows for rotation and renaming of images. Supports .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tga, and .tif file formats. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
ScreenPrint32 (2.7 MB) allows you to capture and print the full desktop, active window, predefined area, or user selected area with a single key stroke. You can add user-defined headers and footers with date and time stamps, resize the printed image, convert to grayscale or negative image, and fade or resize the image to reduce toner or ink usage. Save captured images in GIF, BMP, JPEG or PNG formats. Fr'ee for home or personal use. For Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
PixelToolbox (3.6 MB) is a complete solution for designing desktop graphics. Create, edit, and apply 1-bit patterns, wallpaper tiles, icons, and cursors - all from a single integrated environment. Offers the standard set of painting tools along with a few filters and features not found in other software. Freeware for for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
StripFile (860 KB) is a utility that strips the redundant information often contained in GIF, JPEG, PNG and HTML files, reducing their size by sometimes as much as 40% - 50%. Smaller files mean faster downloading and less bandwidth usage. Freeeware. Requires Windows 98 or later.
JPG Cleaner (284 KB) is a powerful utility for cleaning anything that is not picture data out of JPG files which reduces overall file size. Freeware. W32 version can be run in Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000.
CPick (281 KB) is a handy tool that allows you to select colors on your screen and copy them to the clipboard as a Hex, Decimal, RGB or HSV value. Easily modify colors with the RGB or HSV slide bars. Also, has a built-in magnifier with 1 to 10 zoom. Magnified images can be saved as icons or bitmaps.
ScreenRip32 (367 KB) is a screen capture utility that lets you capture areas of the screen with a variety of methods. The program supports different image formats such as ICO, BMP, JPG, and GIF. View and/or create animated GIFs, convert or capture images as different color depths, hot key configuration, capture mouse cursor, insert cursor images and much more! Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ ME/ 2000.
VicMan's Photo Editor (4.9 MB) is a versatile image editor with intuitive skinnable interface and a variety of features. Offers users the simplicity of image editing, high productivity and easy customizing abilities. Includes a wide range of essential features for both novice users and professional designers. Refine your digital photos, draw artwork naturally and effortlessly, and produce graphics for the Web. Requires free registration. For Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Zoner Draw (9.1 MB) is an ideal graphics program for a broad range of applications. Use it to create brochures and leaflets, as well as illustrations for documents, business cards, price tags, letterheads, postcards, signs, blueprints, greeting cards, and more. Can also create graphics for Internet presentations, including vector animations. Requires free registration. For Windows 9x/ ME/ 2000/ NT4/ XP.
If you're looking for an easy to use, inexpensive program to compress JPEG images, JStrip fits the bill. Freeware. For Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
The Clip Art Warehouse has thousands of icons, animated gifs, animations, desktop icons, and more. Most are totally FREE to do with as you please. Definitely one of the best clip art image repositories on the Web.
IrfanView, is a very fast, freeware 32-Bit graphic viewer for Windows 9x/2000/NT with support for more than 50 different file formats. Features include, preview, drag & drop Support, fast directory view, print & scan support, slideshow, batch conversion, thumbnails and much more.
AhaView Free (633kb) is a handy image viewer and converter. It displays images in the all popular formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, CUR, ANI, WBMP. It has a thumbnail mode and you can quickly browse through numerous image files, open any of them to full size with a double click, and convert images to JPEG and Windows Bitmap formats. For Win 95/98/NT/2000.
ImageForge (3.3 MB) provides a set of powerful tools for painting and editing images, photos or other graphics. Create camera or other Twain-compliant device, apply special effect filters, produce your own photo albums and simple slide shows, and much more. Freeware for Win 95/98/NT4/2000.
PhotoMix (1.4MB) creates an image collage in few mouse clicks. Take any number of images in any of 26 supported formats and arrange them together using one of the standard or user-defined templates. Image collages can be saved as a single image (*.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg) or as editable project (images and layout). For Win 95/98/NT/2000. 30 day trial. Shareware: $25.00.
MotionGIF (1.5 MB) is a user-friendly, powerful and feature rich tool to create great looking animated GIF files. Features include a powerful image editor that allows you to import images from 15 common image file formats and edit them and a frame transition feature with 21 built-in visual effects. MotionGIF combines draw, paint and animation in one easy-to-use program. Shareware: $19.95. For Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP.
GraFX Saver Pro (7.1 MB). Use images, animation, video, and audio to c reate professional screen savers. GraFX Saver Pro supports over 70 image/video formats and all popular audio formats for background sound. Advanced features include 2000+ special effects, complete control of size, position, transition, effect, display time, background and much more! Shareware: $75. 15 Day Trial. For Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Trout's GIF Optimizer (307k) shrinks GIFs without any noticable reduction of picture quality. It will even convert other graphics (.bmp), (.jpg; .jpeg), (*.ico) to optimized GIFs. Just drag-and-drop files then save. Also supports animated GIFs.
Image Explorer Pro (14.4MB) has read and write support for over 70 image formats! Over 100 advanced image manipulation and processing features, including standard features such as crop, resize, resample, rotate, print, zoom, flip, mirror, etc. Advanced features include 2000+ special effects, Photoshop plugin support, 3D text/shaping, image overlaying, optimization and much more. For Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME. Registered ver. $50.00
ArtIcons (652 kb) is a powerful graphic utility that allows professional and amateur graphic artists alike to create and edit icon images and manage icon files and libraries with perfect ease. A great tool for creating buttons and tiny icons 30 day trial with limited icon scanning. Shareware $19.95.
PaintStudio Lite (2.1 MB) is an easy to use freeware image viewing/editing application. Use it to enhance the look and common file formats (bmp, gif, jpeg, png, pcx, tga, etc.). Numerous other features.
X-Fonter (509kb) is a user friendly Font Viewer, Font Manager and 3D Graphic creator. It also allows you to make nice 3D Graphics that you can use for your webpages and emails. Newest version includes search for font files, custom color schemes, better font resource management and more.
J-Perk (3.2 MB) adds special effects and animations to your Web pages quickly and easily. A wide range of multimedia effects will make your Web page grab everyone's attention! Includes special effects like: Random Image, Random Quote, All-in-one buttons, Personalize your Web page and more! For Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000. Reg. version $34.95.
iMaker (680 kb) is an image splitting tool. If you have a single large interface image you can use iMaker to split the of jpeg or gif output files and generation of HTML table to redraw the complete interface. Freeware. For Win 9x/ME/2000.
Capture (212 kb) is a quick-and-easy screen capture utility for Windows (and NT), which allows you to capture the entire screen, at any color depth and resolution, and save it into a Bitmap file for editing. Runs in the Windows Tray. Registration is Free.
Easy Thumbnails (870 KB) creates accurate thumbnails from popular picture formats. Find and view images easily, preview your thumbnails, and use tools to rotate images and adjust their contrast, brightness, sharpness and compression. Freeware.
Express WebPictures (868 KB) is a great solution for downloading pictures from web galleries and presenting them in a simple easy to use way. Simply drag & drop a page URL on the Drop Basket and this smart utility explores it and downloads all images to your hard drive. Features include image filtering, image preview and built-in image viewer. Shareware: $39.95. 30 Day Free Trial. For Windows 95/98/NT/ 2000/XP.
JR Screen Ruler (142 KB) is a great tool that allows you to accurately measure anything on your screen. This is especially useful when measuring graphics, web page browser sizes or whatever. Screen Ruler can display Pixels, Inches, Picas or Centimeters. For Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME. Freeware.
ScreenHunter (327 kb) is one of the best screen capture tools we've seen and this is the freeware version. ScreenHunter can copy a fullscreen, an active window, the client window or a rectangular area. It auto-saves captures in BMP or JPG format, can save to Clipboard, has a selectable hotkey capture (F1 to F10), and uses virtually no system resources on standby.
Mihov Image Resizer (311 KB) is a handy tool for batch resizing images in .bmp, .gif, and .jpg picture formats. Can also convert images between different graphic formats (IE: JPG to GIF), rotate images, and create thumbnails. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
ZPaint (286 KB) is an application for creating 3D-looking elements for web sites and software interfaces. Easily paint raised or lowered shapes such as buttons, rings, boxes... or add those effects to existing graphics. Features include color/ texture selection, adjustable extrusion depth, gloss and other effects. Best used in cooperation with an image editor. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME.
PhotoPlus (16.9 MB) ia a full-featured graphics editor that allows you to create new images or animations from scratch or edit existing ones, using a variety of brushes and available shapes. A multi window display provides side by side WYSIWYG previews of image quality at various output settings. The program also lets you create HTML image maps as well as slice images into multiple parts using the visual slicing tool. Additional filters and plug-ins can be downloaded as free add-on packs. Requires free registration. For Windows 9x/ 2000/ ME/ NT4/ XP.
PicMan (16 KB) is a small program for managing picture collections on your hard disk which seem to grow over time whenever you modify your web pages. The program allows you to quarantine pics that are no longer being used in your web pages. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
GIFeq (363 KB) is a useful graphics tool that can reduce gif file size through optimization. Features include batch processing, removal of comments and interlacing, optimizing palettes and more. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
imgSeek (4.5 MB) is a photo collection manager and viewer with content-based search and many other features. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ XP.
Rendera 1.5 (197 KB) is a graphics program for artistic painting, photo-retouching, colorizing, and seamless tile design. Emulates common art tools and features an easy-to-learn interface. Freeware for Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista.

Simply Thumbnail Creator 2.0 (410 KB) is an easy-to-use thumbnail creator and converter. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2K3.
AvancePaint 1.2.7 (1.6 MB) is a complete paint program with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to learn and use. Open any number of photos or images. A complete set of 20 photo-realistic filters and more then 40 textures are included. Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ 2K3.
WebShot 1.34 (539 KB) is a program that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites. Comes with a command line interface for advanced users. The jpg, gif, png, bmp image formats are supported. Freeware for Windows 98 to XP.
HippoColor 1.1 (164 KB) allows you to find color-harmony combinations instantly. Just select the composition and place it anywhere in the bee's house schema. No help file but fairly easy to figure out. Useful for website color selection. Freeware for Windows 95+.
Universal Viewer (642 KB) is an advanced file viewer that supports a wide range of file formats, including text/ binary/ hex/ unicode; all multimedia formats supported by Windows Media Player; all formats supported by Internet Explorer, etc. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP.
Image Minimizer 1.0 (416 KB) is an image utility that can quickly reduce image file size, change image dimensions or convert image format.
Photobie 2.8.8 (2.2 MB) is a feature laden image editing program that includes embedded filters and supports many Photoshop filter plugins. Features advanced screen capture tools, supports photo framing and image directory browsing and can create/edit high quality gif animation. Flash player included. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003. Requires .NET Framework 1.1.
Paint.NET 2.72 (3.7 MB) is an image and photo manipulation program. It supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003.
WebRipper (543 KB) finds and extracts pictures and media files from specified URLs and saves them to your hard drive. Input URLs or use the web search function to find images based on keywords. Features filter options, depth settings for site spidering, image preview and multi-threaded downloading. Requires .NET framework 1.1 or higher. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
PicuSizer® (524 KB) is a powerful program to batch convert and write images in a large variety of formats. Supports many image formats including formats like gif, jpeg, png, bmp, etc. Freeware for Windows 95 and higher.
Toolbar Paint (57 KB) allows you to design your own toolbar button graphics. It can open toolbar bitmaps with up to 64 buttons and has a wide selection of editing tools. Supports 16 color, 256 color, 24 and 32 bit graphics and button sizes from 16 to 48 pixels square. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Anry Color Picker (255 KB) is a color picker and color mixing tool. Features five formats of picked color value, 3x/9x zoom of any screen area, saved picked color history, RGB and RYB color wheels, two harmonious color finders and RGB color mixer. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Easy Picture2Icon (366 KB) is a tool that converts images or digital photos to Windows icons. The program can convert digital picture formats bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg and png to Windows icons (ICO), has support for making transparent icons and is also able to generate icon files that contain multiple icons of different sizes. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Scan2PDF (495 KB) can scan paper documents and save them to PDF format on your computer for digital archiving or backup. It can also load images from your hard drive and combine them with a scanned document, or combine multiple documents/images into a single PDF file. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Colour to HTML (1.6 MB) is a small utility for finding html color codes. Select colors from any screen using the color picker. Comes with a CSS Script generator. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
MT Thumbnail Generator (198 KB) is a simple tool that can generate hundreds of thumbnails in seconds! Freeware for Windows 9x/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
mosascii m2 (5.1 MB) converts any image into an html mosaic, made out of ASCII characters. The html mosaics look just like the original image except they are created out of colored text characters. Features include image actions and effects. Freeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
2 Pic (1.0 MB) is a graphical program for editing images. Functions are clearly arranged on tabs and include opening two images next to each other, merging and fading images into each other, adding frames and effects to images, inserting layered text, adding gradients, etc. Freeware. Requires Windows 95 and above and a screen resolution 1024x768 or higher.
PFE Text Generator (556 KB) is a 3D text builder. Load any true-type font you like and render full parametrized 3D text. Set the lighting and modify numerous other parameters such as font, bevelling or materials. Export the 3D data to VRML and OpenGL source files or render it to an antialiased jpg file. Freeware for Windows 98/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP and individual use.
WebSwoon Beta 6 (3.9 MB) captures and creates thumbnail snapshots of web sites from a list of URL addresses that you provide. Features include image size adjustment and saving to jpeg, gif or png file formats, customizable capture delay and more. Donationware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Quick HTML Color Picker (233 KB) is a color picker tool. Pick any color from the screen. Preview the color, use mouse or keyboard to select the color you want and then get the color in RGB and HTML format. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT 4.x/ 2000/ XP/ 2003.
Free Web Buttons (624 KB) helps you create high quality web buttons and menus with ease. Set parameters such as as direction, size, color, font face, font style, shadow, alignment, links, targets, tooltips, word wrap, and more. Freeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
ColorCache (1.0 MB) is a professional color picker, color scheme generator and palette management tool. Use ColorCache to select screen colors, create harmonious color schemes, and to manage and share palettes and color swatches. Shareware $34.99 with 15 day free trial. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
E-Mage for Web (945 KB) is a simple utility for creating HTML image galleries from pictures on your computer. It automatically generates pages with thumbnail images that are hyperlinked to the original, larger image. Customize parameters such as thumbnail dimensions, compression quality, border color and thickness and more. Freeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
PDF4Free 2.00 (627 KB) installs as a virtual printer and allows you to convert any printable document to PDF format. Supports up to 2540 x 2540 DPI printing resolution, custom paper sizes, PDF document information, font embedding, automatic hyperlink detection, print scaling and more. The fr'ee version adds a signature line to the bottom of every converted document. For Windows NT/ 2000/ XP.
Easy Color Themes (1.93 MB) is a toolbox for designers, webmasters, paint artists and software developers who do visual color design. Grab colors from any screen using a color picker, create your own color list, specify custom color names and export color themes to a BMP file. Other features include screen capture, project support, zoom and multiple color output formats. Fr'eeware for Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
GIF Vault (2.2 MB) is a collection of over 7,500 32x32 GIF images (mostly 16 colors) all categorized and ready to add to a web page. All images have a transparent background and most are about 500 bytes in size. Images include cartoons, computer, household, building, Sci-Fi, space, smileys, music, animals, insects and more. Fr'ee for all Windows versions.
Web Picture Creator (472 KB) is a tool for creating Internet photo albums and for resizing images, making thumbnails and copying images. It handles JPEG images (*.jpg, *.jpeg). Offers customizable HTML output that can be edited to match your site design. Add titles and descriptions to each image, specify the thumbnail size and output quality and more. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
ModelPress Publisher (17 MB) provides a mechanism for publishing 3D files to a Web-ready format, as well as a flexible, Web-delivered visualization application that can be embedded into Web pages. Fr'eeware for Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
RGBLab (1.72 MB) is a smart and easy color manager for developers and designers. Lets you pick and mix RGB colours and also lets you save RGB colour palettes as text files. Save all the RGB colour codes for six different colors in twelve different formats, including your own custom format. Fr'eeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
PIXresizer (2.8 MB) is a utility for quickly generating screen-friendly versions of your images with dramatically reduced file sizes of one file or, a selection of image files, for use on the web and in email. Offers several different resizing methods and can automatically recognize image sizes to calculate the best fit. Includes a built-in image viewer. Can also convert between graphics formats, rotate images, and convert to grayscale. Fr'eeware for Windows 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
WinMorph (4.3 MB) is a morphing app that enables the smooth transition from one image to another; e.g. a young woman into an old woman, or a man into a lion. Downloaded by more than 400,000 users. The program can work as a stand alone or as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere, Vegas Video and Wax. Wax is included in the download. Freeware. For Windows 98/ Me/ XP.
Pawbrowse (1.23 MB) is an advanced image viewing, browsing and management utility. Features include support for 13 common image formats, 25 image filters, a thumbnail browsing mode, full screen mode, slideshow mode, file management customization options, screen and window capture, file type association, send image to external editor and lots more. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP. Freeware. Requires Visual Basic 6 runtime files.
Color Cop (325 KB) is a color picker loaded with extra features. Magnify to select the color of a single pixel with the eyedropper; average a color from a 3x3 or 5x5 block; pop-up menu configuration; output may be to closest of 216 web safe colors; support for color hex conventions in HTML and many programming languages, etc. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000.
PrintKey 2000 (557 KB) lets you print the desktop, active window or a selected rectangular area. Optionally include the cursor in the capture. There are options for stretching, centering, mirroring, and inverting the image. Captures can be saved in BMP, JPEG, JPG, EMF, WMF format, or edited with your graphic program. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ Me/ 2000/ XP.
Icon Sucker (658 KB) is a utility that allows you to extract icons from the files on your hard drive. Many different file types on your computer contain one or more icons that you can use. The program supports ICO, CUR, ANI, ICL, EXE, DLL, OCX, DRV, BPL, CPL, SCR and VBX files. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ ME/ NT4/ 2000.
P3dO Explorer (1.8 MB) is an easy-to-use Explorer-ish graphics browser supporting all popular image file formats, plus the Poser and Vue d'Esprit file formats. Features include selectable thumbnail image size, slideshow, zoom, Windows-like favorites menu, Zip through browsing, plugins and more. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ W2k/ XP.
Movies 13 (414 KB) is a GIF-Animator with 98 animation wizards including text and actor wizards. Edit existing animations, create new ones from imported images or from images created with integrated Movies Draw. Features: GIF explorer, GIF optimizer, quick backgrounds, smart shape (100 shapes with 25 gradient fills, rotated text etc.), select frame animation, 3 free floating actors for creating cartoons, actor and text wizards, and AVI to GIF and GIF to AVI converters. Freeware. For all versions of Windows.
Ultimate Paint (2.5 MB) is a graphics program for image retouching, viewing and manipulation. All popular image formats are supported. Image acquisition from twain compatible scanners. Multiple Undo/Redo, total control over file parameters, save optimization panel to help you optimize your JPEG, PNG and GIF images. Tools for retouching and enhancing photos: comes with more than a hundred stunning plug-in image filters and special effects. Adobe plug-in support is also provided. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ 2000/ Me.
3DWebButton (1.1 MB) is one of the best and easiest to use 3D button generators we've yet seen. Even graphic novices can create sophisticated buttons and headings i n minutes. A preview of your work is continually displayed. Set button shape, color, size, drop shadow and texture map. 100 + options and 7 button shapes are available. Save in .bmp, .jpg, and gif image formats. For Windows 95/98/ME/2000. Fully functional. Shareware $23.
DeKnop (662KB) is an easy to use button maker. Select the text, font style, color, 3D bevel, size, gradients and many other aspects. Preview any changes that you make as you make them. DeKnop also offers support for automatic up/down effects for use in mouse over javascripts. Files can be saved in PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF(non LZW) format. Free. For Win XP/Me/NT4/2000/98/95.
XnView (1.8 MB) is program for viewing and converting graphic files. More than 360 graphic formats supported! Features include resize, copy/cut/crop, brigthness and contrast adjustment, color modification, filters, effects, screen capture, thumbnail creation and much more. For Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP. Freeware.
Picture-shark (723 KB) gives you the ability to watermark and copyright your picture galleries. Use logos, text or any other images. Picture-shark can process hundreds of pictures per minute. Supports transparence and realtime preview. For Win9x/NT/2000/ ME/XP. Freeware.
MWSnap (410 KB) is a small, powerful program for capturing images from selected parts of a screen. Current version can capture a whole desktop, a highlighted window, an active menu, or a fixed or free part of the screen. Supports BMP, JPG, TIFF and GIF formats. Also includes a zooming tool, screen ruler and a color picker as well as system wide hotkeys and preset selection sizes. Freeware. For Win 9x/NT/ME/2K/XP.
FotoArchive 2.4.9 (2.1 MB) can divide image files into albums and catalog them using the image file type. Easily transfer Foto records between albums, add images or change their location within an album. The interface displays a scrollable image, the full path of the image file and three searchable category text areas. View multiple images in thumbnail form without saving. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ Me.
CoffeeCup Free Viewer Plus (3.4 MB) is a fast, powerful, and easy to use Image viewer with built-in Email, FTP, and Zip functions. Browse images by folder, find images on your computer, view 35 image types by right-clicking in Windows Explorer, and make Thumbnail Web pages from any group of images, all with just one click! For Win 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP.
STGThumb (1.0 MB) is an application that allows you to quickly make high-quality thumbnails from your images. Select individual files or entire directories. Thumbnail image size can be customized and STGThumb also allows you to rotate the resulting images or to apply filters like blur, sharpen, emboss and others. Converts from AVI, JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, WMF, EMF, ICO, CUR to JPG. Free for personal use. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000.
Image Co-Tracker (514 KB) is a tool for creating a database of images from the Internet. It automatically captures the image, the image Internet address, the image name and the date it was added to the database. Once an image has been grabbed, you can perform various functions like Search, Print, add textual info, organize images into categories and more. Requires IE5 or higher. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ ME/ 2000.
Image Browser Arctic (10.3 MB) is an easy-to-use image viewer. Different viewing modes are supported: Full screen, Stretch window and more. You can also create your own slide shows and distribute them to your friends/family. Major file types are supported. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
Font Magic (1.95 MB) is an easy-to-use tool for creating 3D text effects. The interface allows you to preview and select your effects. Select textures, colors and materials from drop down menus and create an attractive looking 3D text or logo in no time. The result can be saved as single BMP file or even rendered as rotating movie frames. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP.
PictureDicer (450 KB) chops any image file into several smaller images, suitable for creating mouse over effects and "pseudo" image maps on Web pages. Also generates the HTML for a table to contain the partial images and display them so they appear as the original uncut image. Freeware. For Windows 9x/ NT/ ME/ 2000.
Pixie (65 KB) is a color spy and mouse tracker. Simply point to the color, and the program tells you the RGB, hex and HTML-ready values for it. Use the values to reproduce the color in your favorite programs. Pixie also shows the current X and Y position of your mouse pointer. freeware. For Win 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP.
ScreenHunter Free (322 KB) is a screen-capture tool that can capture a full screen, an active window, the client window, or a rectangular area. Automatically saves captures in BMP or JPEG format to the clipboard so they can be copied easily to other programs, such as Motion Studio, Paint Shop Pro or Word. Has a selectable hot key capture (F1 to F10) and delayed capture. Virtually no system resources used on standby. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/2000/ XP.
EyeBrowse (1.70 MB) is an advanced graphics editing and management program that is equipped with image manipulation functions and that incorporates extensive support for all common file formats. Supports Animated GIFs and lets you extract frames for editing. Fully customizable screen capture features. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Gallery Wizard (1.05 MB) is a "template based" program for creating thumbnail gallery pages. Accepts over a dozen different input formats, renders gallery pages, includes various effects (like 3D Border), and can optionally create HTML pages for each image. Freeware. For Window 9x/ NT4/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Pixeur (1.5 MB) allows you to easily view the color, RGB, Hex, and long value of any color you see. It also keeps a history of all colors you have selected in a color history list. Freeware for Windows 98/ 2000/ XP.
Image Resizer (294 KB) allows you to resize/ scale multiple images by percentage or by a fixed width/ height. Drag and Drop enabled with the ability to greyscale images on-the-fly. The program supports .png, .gif, .jpg, .tif, .wmf, and .bmp formats. Freeware for Windows XP/ 2000.
GifSplitter (34 KB) is an image utility that can extract image frames from a gif animation and allow you to save and modify them individually. Can also be used with Magic ASCII Studio to make ASCII Art Animation. Freeware for all Windows versions.
ThumbaWumba (387 KB) takes images (currently only jpg's and bmp's) from a given directory, resizes them to a given max. size (preserving the aspect ratio), generates thumbnail images and then fully customizable html websites for the thumbnail views and the images themselves. Freeware for 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
FirePaint (606 KB) is a simple app that allows you to easily edit images. Supports popular image types such as .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .png, .tga, .bmp, .dib, .wmf, .emf, .ico. Easy-to-use sidebars help to locate images and perform basic image-edit actions. Freeware for Windows XP/ NT/ 2000/ 98/ 95.
PicPerk (2.5 MB) is an image viewer and editor that supports most graphic formats, including jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp, pcx, wmf, and tga. Open image files or folders and easily view and edit any image. File operations include convert, copy, move, rename, delete, and print. PicPerk also features thumbnails, full-screen viewing, zoom functions, and 33 image-edition effects, including crop, resize, red-eye removal, and tools to display slide shows. Free to try, $9.99 to buy. For Windows 9x/ NT4/ Me/ 2000/ XP.

Multimedia Apps and Tools

Instant Media 1.2 (7.54 MB) delivers professional, full-screen video in DVD or HD quality. Features premium content as well as email updates, alerts, community, and interactivity. Freeware for Windows XP.

Broadcaster StudioPRO 1.0 (3.5 MB) allows you to capture any video playing on your screen including live streaming video and pre-recorded video clips. Broadcast live streams in real time or play video files through your web camera to multiple camera chat sites, including Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger, and Skype. Freeware for Windows Windows 2000/2003/XP or above.
ShiftCast (8.9 MB) is a broadband system that allows you to watch movies, videos, live TV, listen to music and streaming radio, chat, play games, download MP3s and broadcast your own media. Freeware for Windows XP.
WildVoice Studio 1.0 (26.5 MB) makes it easy and fun to record podcasts and other audio. Create professional, quality podcasts in minutes. Just talk live and mix in music and other recordings. Freeware for Windows XP. Requires online registration.
Netvue Image Finder 2.0 (324 KB) searches for internet images and then displays the full-sized pictures in a slideshow format. You can save selected images, set desktop wallpaper, email pictures to friends or open your browser to the original page the image was found on. Freeware for all Windows versions.
WifiRadio (10.7 MB) is a Desktop Media Player, Broadcast Machine and Windows Mobile Media Player rolled into one unique application. Great for bloggers, publishers, musicians and anyone who wants to run their own radio station. Supports most popular audio, video and playlist formats. Freeware for Windows XP.
Freecorder (983 KB) is an easy-to-use program that lets you record any sound you can hear on your PC, including Skype calls. Recordings are saved as MP3 files. You can also record from the microphone or line-in inputs! Freeware for Windows 98 and higher.
MediaSpyder (1.1 MB) is a media search app that can help you find virtually any type of visual media including Clipart, GIF Animations, Celebrity Photos, Cartoons, Animals, Musicians, Screenshots, Bullets, Buttons, Icons, Textures, and much more. The program automatically creates thumbnail previews and archives all your files. It has a built in Media Viewer that can display your Images, Animations and Movies with slide show, zoom, wallpaper and printing features. Freeware. For Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000.
HandySnap (1.7 MB ) is a work-horse screen capturing tool with a compact user interface. It supports most popular graphic formats such as JPG, BMP, and TIFF and has an embedded text editor and sprite tool. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000.
11view (1.4 MB) is an easy-to-use multi-featured image viewer that can be used to show, print and convert images. Supports multiple reading and conversion image formats, external TWAIN compatible devices and includes a GIF animation compiler, Icon/ Cursor compiler and PSD Decompiler. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT4.0/ 2000/ XP.
Picasa (3.3 MB) is software that can help you find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. It automatically locates all pictures and sorts them into visual albums organized by date. Advanced editing features include one-click fixes and powerful effects. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Debut 1.1 (390 KB) is an easy-to-use video recorder that can capture video files directly from your PC using a webcam, or other input source. Can also record screen captures. Records in .avi, .wmv or .asf formats. Other features include automatically emailing recordings and specifying recording times. Freeware for Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista.

Noopod 3.0.1 (14.6 MB) is a RSS, PodCast, WebRadio, WebTV and Daily Motion video player. Slick application that integrates a number of different mediums into one player. Freeware for Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista.
WebVideo 2 iPod (10.5 MB) allows you to download video files from google, youtube, ifilm and other sites, and convert them to iPod video format. Batch download multiple video streams from multiple video sharing sites and batch convert.
Wavosaur beta (136 KB) is a powerful audio editor, ideal for editing audio clips, sound designing, mastering, and audio recording. Also a VST host, meaning you can use VST effects on your recordings. MIDI controllable. Freeware for Windows XP.
Juice 2.2 (6.6 MB) is a podcast player/manager that lets you download podcasts for iPods, media players or computers. Supports 15+ languages and multiple media players. Has a built-in directory with 1000's of podcast feeds. Freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Linux and OS X 10.3+.
MP3Recorder (1.1 MB) is a recorder tool that can record any audio source from your computer directly to MP3 audio directly. It supports recording sound source from microphone, audio streaming, winamp, windows media player, quick time, real player, flash, games, etc. Freeware for Windows 95 and above.
XVid (772 KB) is a video player designed for watching movies saved in different formats such as avi, mpeg, asf, and DivX. Features include simple user interface, window and fullscreen display, zoom, auto-playing movies by playlist and much more. Freeware for Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/2003.
ApicViewer (2.4 MB) is an automatic Usenet Newsgroup multimedia files searcher and downloader. Ideal for pictures, movies and sounds. Includes: thumbnail pictures gallery, images timer viewer, pictures viewer, e-mail sender and more. Requires I.E. 4+, Win 95/98/ME/2000/NT and Windows Media player 6.4.07 (or higher) or RealPlayer 6.0 and up. Freeware.
Powerbullet Presenter (2.5 MB). Create slick, multi-page Flash presentations, using a simple drag and drop interface with no technical expertise required. Easily insert sounds or voice recordings (MP3 or WAV files), images (PNG, GIF, JPEG) or other Flash files, create page transitions, animations and more. For Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
IconXpert (321 KB) is an icon viewer, browser and extractor. It allows quick browsing for icons inside .exe or .dll files or from an existing icon collection. Icons can be copied to clipboard or saved as BMP or ICO files. Freeware for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000. Site is in German, download in English.
Orange Photo Editor (576 KB) allows you to view, manage and publish photos on your website. It can create thumbnails, resize photos and generate HTML pages. Freeware for Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ NT4.x/ 2000.
MyViewPad (2.6 MB)uses the best digital graphics engine available. It reads about 80 image formats and writes to about 25 formats. Nice interface with a number of image editing functions. It can also receive images from scanners and cameras. Freeware for Windows 98 and above.

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